Essay Debate Over Banning Zoos

Essay Debate Over Banning Zoos

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Should Zoos be banned is a huge topic on which millions of people have been debating on all over the world. The reason why I choose to work on this issue is because I personally feel that keeping animals in Zoos isn’t a bad idea as they provide shelter, food and Hygienic conditions for the animals to live in. Especially for the young ones, like the Turtles who leave their babies in a pond before the break out of their shell to protect them from being eaten up. However, in this process they don’t realise that their young ones would have to face the water water all by themselves if they aren’t able to make it back to get them in time. However, if these animals are kept in the Zoo, they would be safe from having to be alert 24/7 of their surroundings in order to stay safe and secure. Also, if I look at the Singapore Zoos where animals are kept mostly in the open and among the same kinds of species including water animals such as dolphins, and with an environment that is just like the one that they have in the actual habitat, I would still say that keeping animals in Zoos is not a bad idea if, all the Zoos around the world are changed into a similar one such as the Singapore Zoo. Another thing is that the Zoo is a first hand source of education as we can, ourselves go and see them at the Zoo.

Nevertheless, my perspective would differ from other people as people look over different issues is multiple perspectives, thus their thinking towards this issue may be different. Even if some people have the same perspective and me, they might have different reason as to why they think of this issue in this way. For instance, if look as Hinduism, Hindu people believe that animals are another face of God due to culture and thus, they even wors...

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...ed as they provide a safe and secure shelter in which these animals could live in and the fact that captivity of a few animals is a very small price to pay for the larger good of millions of animals around the world. However there were fact that forced me to think about that it might be a good idea of banning Zoos as animals such as polar bears can live in the habitat that they are meant to and are comfortable to be living in and also, global organisations such as the PETA (People of the Ethical Treatment of Animals) believe that animals that live in cages and in cramps areas deprice opportunity to satisfy their basic needs and the bred animals are used to attract visitors as they would come to see the cute little animals. Regardless of the change in my perspective at looking at this situation, I am still determined with the same decision; Zoos should not be banned.

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