The Debate over Abortion Essay

The Debate over Abortion Essay

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The debate of abortion and it's morality has been around for quite some time. Usually the arguments for this topic are either that the fetus has a right to life and the others say that every women has a right to have a say what goes on in and to her body. The research opened my eyes to see that there is way more to consider for this debate. It is not black and white like most debatable topics. I have always been a person who did not support aboriton and was very closed minded to those who are pro-choice. This assignment helped me grow to let me open up to listen to what people who believe that abortion should be allowed although I disagree.
The strongest argument supporting why abortion is immoral is because an abortion takes away the endless possiblieties of life from the fetus that can potentioally become a person if left to grow to term. This argument is presented by Don Marqui, a moral philosopher and journalist, in his response in “ Why Abortion Is Immoral” (88). In standard form, his argument could be expressed:
1. If a fetus gets aborted , it takes away the possiblieties and experiences that a potential person could have had.
2. The fetus gets aborted
:. The fetus does not get to experience the endless possiblieties of life.
This argument is deductive because in defenition the conclusion is suppose to necessarily follow rather than present a high possibility which would be an inductive argument. This deductive argument is painfully obvious but it is what it is. The premises are are exactly what they are, they are facts. If the fetus gets aborted, there is no longer a possibility of a life experience. Simple argumet but just as strong. Taking away anyones possible life experiences is awful and it could apply ...

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... to get an abortion in the first place, I do not think they need the world judging them for their choices. All in all I now feel that there is more to a topic than what we want to be right.

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