The Debate On Vaccines And Its Effects On Children Essay

The Debate On Vaccines And Its Effects On Children Essay

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The debate on vaccines has caused a total distrust between parents and medical officials; now parents are not getting their children vaccinated, the government then steps in and forces parents to get vaccinated, and the children are the ones stuck in the middle of this fight. In this paper we will examine what these three topics and see what has parents so against vaccines. I will also show you how the government is trying to rebuild trust and how the government is still getting children vaccinated. Lastly we will look at how this is affecting children in both the good and bad way.
Some parents are not getting their children vaccinated because they believe that vaccines are causing children to develop autism. For a long time now parents of children with autism have been blaming vaccines as the reason their child have developed this terrible disorder. They believe that vaccines are given too quickly and that the child’s body is not able to handle the massive amounts of viruses and other substances in these vaccines, while heath professionals say it’s completely safe. These parents believe that it is safer for the child to not get the vaccine and be exposed to the actual virus, because of how infrequently we hear of children getting whopping cough and measles and other disease like them; plus the staggering number of vaccinations children are required to get. Several years ago you only needed to get about 10 vaccines, now you need to get twice if not triple that if you include flu shots. Parents also feel that doctors are vaccinating children for unnecessary causes whether it be virus the parent believe does not exist anymore because it has been eradicated, or so they believe, or a sexually transmitted disease that children are vac...

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...f herd immunity. The other side is that children do not get vaccinated and avoids the potential risk of developing autism, but is not prone to very deadly diseases that the child would have been protected from if the parent decided to get the child vaccinated. Not only does this child run the risk of getting a disease, but also other children that are younger and unable to be vaccinated yet are prone to getting the child’s illness before he even starts to notice symptoms. In the end no mater what way to look on vaccines one thing is for sure this is a debate that is not going to go away any time soon, but what we are debating is certainly a serious mater that needs to be handled very carefully. Hopefully one day everyone will share the same view on vaccines or we find a way to make them safer or prove with indisputable evidence that autism is not related to vaccines.

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