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The Debate On Vaccine Safety Essay example

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The debate on vaccine safety has been gaining popularity among people in the US at a rapidly growing rate. The anti-vaccine movement was once a small and contained to a few questioning and concerned parents joined by a handful of doctors. However, the amount of doctors, naturopaths, and homeopaths joining the anti-vaccine movement has been increasing more over the last few years. The vaccine conversation has become even more popular in the last few months. This directly correlates with the upcoming presidential election as vaccinations have been one of the main discussion topics among candidates. (Benen) Along with the politicians and presidential candidates, there is also a growing list of celebrities who have become outspoken on the controversial topic in recent years. (Merlan) Although against the same thing, the anti-vaccine issue is complex with many different angles and arguments, so individual reasons for being against vaccines varies greatly.
Currently, the biggest argument against vaccines is that they cause or could possibly lead to autism or other unknown health problems in children. Some believe that vaccines should not be done away with completely, but that too many vaccines are being administered too quickly at too young of an age. (Hubbard) In his book Make an Informed Vaccine Decision For the Health of Your Child, Doctor Mayer Einstein examines this possible problem and says, “For example, toddlers can receive DTap, MMR, hepatitis A and B, Hib, pneumococcal, polio, flu, and chickenpox vaccines during a single doctor visit - even though this combination was never tested for safety (or efficacy).” (Einstein 199) Einstein later goes on to say that he believes vaccine combinations like these could cause more proble...

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...earch that the government presents. Distrust of the government with one’s health is often a major factor in deciding whether or not to vaccinate. (Six Reasons to Say No to Vaccines)
Along with the anti-vaccination movement, a popular growing trend is vaccination detox. This route is often used by naturopaths and homeopaths. A vaccination detox is the process of attempting to remove any chemicals or toxins left in the body by vaccines. (Edwards) There are a number of natural remedies that people use to detox. A typical detox can consist of changing to a raw food diet, taking probiotics, using herbal supplements and homeopathic antidotes, and physical treatments, such as massage and detox baths. (Heimer)
In summary, the movement that was once limited to a select few people is gaining substantial attention from the media, doctors, scientists, and especially parents.

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