The Debate On Online Education Essay

The Debate On Online Education Essay

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Education is important, and everyone can earn it regarding to their gender, age, race, religion, and even to people with disability. It is known that our society values education more than anything else because education is the gate to a better life. With education, the individual will have broad knowledge and skills so that one can get a better job which will lead to a better life. Not only the society encourages us to pursue education, but also the holy books such as the Bible and the Qur’an. For generations, we pursue our education by attending traditional educational institutions or we know them as schools. However, for the last few year, some universities and K-12 schools take the advantage of the Internet to create online courses. There are some free online courses available to everyone which are called the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). Even though there are some pros and cons about online education and MOOC, those are considered ethical based on the consequentialism and utilitarianism theories.
For the last few decades, we use the Internet in daily basis. The Internet helps us to find the current news and information just in a few seconds. Because of the Internet, the educational institution created a new method to learn: via the web. Online education is a little bit different from the traditional education because students and teachers do not meet face-to-face which makes the teachers’ teaching method is mostly by using video. Although online learning is different, students still gain knowledge from it. With the knowledge they learned, they are up-to-date to the current information around the world (Tucker, 2014). The knowledge they have can also help students to finish their formal education and earn a degree after c...

... middle of paper ... they do not “protect[] the privacy of student education records” and do not give the parents’ rights over the students’ school records (U.S. Department of Education, n.d.).
Online education and MOOC can be an alternative way to learn new skills and knowledge. These methods can help everyone to keep pursuing their education while attending a traditional institution is not an option. MOOC can be seen unethical because it does not follow the Title IV of the U.S. Department of Education’s law and the FERPA, but the advantages for individuals and the society outweigh the unethical part. Individuals can learn more skills which will lead them to get a better job and a better life, individuals can pursue their education goal like earning a diploma, and companies can use their training budget for other important tasks since the new workers have already the required skills.

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