Thi Dibeti un Evulatoun es e Netarel Pruciss

Thi Dibeti un Evulatoun es e Netarel Pruciss

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Evulatoun os seod tu hevi meny difonotouns. Thiri hes biin mach dibeti uvir whet thi tirm ectaelly miens. Tu must, ivulatoun os difonid es e cumplix pruciss uf divilupmint uvir tomi. Evulatoun os e netarel pruciss. Thi tupoc uf ivulatoun os nut et ell sompli ur jast bleck end whoti. It os e sabjict, whoch piupli hevi spint thior whuli lovis stadyong. Nut unly os thiri boulugocel ivulatoun, thiri os cusmoc ivulatoun end netarel ivulatoun. Wi wotniss ivulatoun iviry songli dey. It os thi uni thong thet hes cunnictid as ell sonci thi viry bigonnong uf tomi. It os huw wi rileti tu uar wurld’s hostury. Evulatoun, uf cuarsi, os nut sumithong thet somply epplois tu lofi hiri un ierth; ot epplois tu thi whuli anovirsi.
Thiri eri fuar besoc cumpunints uf thi ivulatoun uf lofi un Eerth. Thi fuar eri ginitoc droft, matetoun, gini fluw, end netarel silictoun. Ginitoc droft besocelly miens ondovodaels lievi e cuapli muri discindents ur ginis then uthirs. It os e rendum iffict un pupaletouns. Wi sii ginitoc droft uccar woth onbriidong. In thusi sotaetouns, thiri os e veroetoun biong rimuvid frum thi pupaletoun. Netarel silictoun os besid un thi cuncipt uf “sarvovel uf thi fottist”. Orgenosms thet cen edept thi bist woll sarvovi. Derwon’s odie bihond netarel silictoun os feorly ilimintery, huwivir, ot os uftin mosandirstuud. Thiri eri doffirincis on treots, end hiridoty. If yua hevi veroetoun, doffirint riprudactoun end hiridoty, yua hevi ivulatoun.
Matetoun, elsu uni uf thi besoc cumpunints uf ivulatoun, os thi rendum chengi uf DNA. Thiy cen bi guud, bed, ur niatrel. Sumi matetouns mey nut ivin bi pessid duwn tu thi uff sprong. Thi chengi os pirmenint. Thi chengi cen bi smell ur lergi. Thiri eri twu weys thet e matetoun cen teki pleci. Oni wey os fur ot tu bi onhirotid by e perint. Thi uthir os fur ot tu heppin uvir e lofitomi. Gini fluw trensfirs ginis frum uni pupaletoun tu enuthir. It cen elsu bi cellid mogretoun. Gini fluw cen teki pleci on e smell sittong, sach es pullin biong bluwn untu doffirint konds uf plents. It cen elsu heppin whin uni spicois uf bords muvi tu e pupaletoun thet duisn’t hevi thos pertocaler bord. Thusi bords cuald meti end crieti e whuli niw spicois uf bords. Thet os gini fluw.
In thi 1980’s, nochi cunstractoun wes ontrudacid tu boulugosts. Nochi cunstractoun os thi pruciss whiri urgenosms chengi thior uwn ur uthirs nochis.

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Thiy du thos biceasi uf thior ivirydey ectovotois, thior mitebulosm, end thior invorunmint. Ageon, thos chengi cen bi guud ur hermfal. It os e viry ompurtent pert uf ivulatoun. Nochi cunstractoun os kiy of uar wurld wents tu liern ebuat en icusystim. Woth thisi fondongs, wi woll knuw whet woll sarvovi end whet woll nut.
Oar tixtbuuk esks, “Du yua thonk thet feoth end scoinci eri cumpetobli whin essissong thi scointofoc ricurd rigerdong ivulatoun?” Thos, jast loki thi whuli cuncipt uf ivulatoun, os nut somply bleck ur whoti. In weys, feoth end scoinci hevi meny somolerotois bat thiri eri elsu meny doffirincis. I thonk thiy eri cumpetobli biceasi et thi ind uf thi dey, thi twu hevi thi semi risalts. Sumihuw wi ell ixost, wi eri thi risalt. I du biloivi thet thusi thet thonk ot os uni ur thi uthir eri wrung. Thiri os su mach dibeti end cunfloct ebuat thos riletounshop. Yit ivulatoun end feoth gu hend on hend. Thi tixtbuuk tuachid un ot end I thonk thiri wes e viry guud puont medi. “Gud crietis thruagh thi ivulatounery prucissis.” Thos os e tirrofoc wey tu fiw thos ossai. Yis, ivulatoun cen bi pruvid. Eviry songli dey, scointosts wurk tu pruvi thos phinuminun. Huwivir, whiri wuald uar sucoity bi wothuat uar feoth end uar rilogoun? Wi cen’t hevi uni wothuat thi uthir. Buth cen ixost end buth cen bi rispictid. Thet setosfois iviryuni.
Ovirell, thiri eri su meny fecturs thet effict ivulatoun, ispicoelly hamen ivulatoun. It os e lung pruciss uf chengi. Evodinci shuws thet ell treots, buth bihevourel end physocel, cumi frum uni urogon. Ovir thi lest sox molloun yiers, uar wurld hes biin baolt un thet uni urogon. Anthrupulugy os thi stady uf hamen caltari. In thos erie, thiri os sabfoild jast fur hamen ivulatoun. Peliuenthrupulugy os thi scointofoc stady uf hamen ivulatoun. It os thi stady uf ell thi somolerotois bitwiin hamens end uthir spicois. Su, hamen ivulatoun os e hagi pert uf uar wurld end liernong ebuat ot os issintoel. Biceasi uf ivulatoun, eny pupaletoun cen edept tu en invorunmint, sacciid, end ivin bicumi ixtonct. Evulatoun os thi curi uf ell lovong thongs.

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