Essay about The Debate On Animal Rights

Essay about The Debate On Animal Rights

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The debate on animal rights cannot be easily compared to other movements due to its unique methods of attracting sensational attention and then dying down after a short time in the spotlight. Concern about the wellbeing of animals has played a significant role in society for a long time. The movement gained most attention in the nineteen-seventies and has gradually developed into a larger effort in more modern times. Earlier in the growth of the animal rights concerns there were few main focuses that grabbed the attention of the public causing the formation of the movement. Since then, the movement has grown exponentially in multiple and varied areas. According to S. Plous, a psychologist from Wesleyan University, the population and popularity of the animal right movement is increasing exponentially but there is no data as to who makes up this population (Plous 2015). This can be seen in the development of animal rights in many areas. “Animal rights” is a broad term that can be broken down into subcategories. These subcategories include areas such as animals in entertainment, the meat industry, hunting and poaching animals, animal testing, and animal abuse. Each of these categories has individual arguments and statistics but share the same basic principle of an overall concern with basic animal rights. At times, some of these subcategories have been in the spotlight more than others, which is the nature of the animal right movement. Looking back at the history of this movement, it consists of major high points usually caused by a specific event getting widespread attention. The attention to the event has a short life and quickly begins to disappear from the public eye until another occurrence of abuse is publi...

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...hts want to make an improvement in the laws or to add on more laws to increase animal rights. The activists are the reason that there are laws in place right now to protect animals and their rights. Some of the policies that have been passed and out into place are based on the Animal Welfare Act and Wildlife Transportation, Hunting. An article written by Hobbs, Isaac, Hobbs, and Kerr addresses the topic of domestic food policy and trade laws. The article explains that the laws put on trade and domestic foods are a result of the increase in animal welfare standards and is put in place to inform the public. However, this article disagrees with the fact that they are informative and believes that they are harming the livestock producers due to the increase in price (Hobbs Isaac Hobbs Kerr 2002). This proves that the range of topics under animal rights is very diverse.

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