The Debate Of Physician Assisted Suicide Essay

The Debate Of Physician Assisted Suicide Essay

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On November 2, 2014, Brittany Maynard legally killed herself. This statement may seem quite absurd because it poses the question: How could one “legally” kill oneself? The answer is much simpler than one might think. Maynard, originally from California, simply moved to Oregon, a state that permits assisted death through the Death with Dignity Act. This Oregon law allows terminally ill patients to voluntarily be prescribed a lethal prescription of medication that will end their life. Maynard, a young, vibrant 29-year-old, diagnosed with terminally ill brain cancer and given less than six months to live, made a life-altering decision to end her life on her terms. Essentially, Maynard’s story provided a gateway into the national debate of physician-assisted suicide. However, hidden under this hot topic lies the true question: “should [patients] have a right to choose how they die if they are already in the process of dying from a terminal illness?” (Barone, para. 4). To view someone being stripped of simple, yet critical, natural rights should be immoral in itself. Physician-assisted suicide is indeed morally correct and patients should be able to choose how they die, because no person wants to be deprived of their autonomy, everyday life activities, or their self-dignity.
Currently, there are terminally ill patients lying in hospital beds fighting off agonizing, unendurable pain, who desire the autonomy to direct their fate. These terminally ill patients are begging to be put out of their misery and “it is cruel and inhumane to refuse their pleas” (Andre & Velasquez, para. 4). These patients cannot control any bodily acts much less pain; they’ve lost their autonomy and have nothing but more grueling pain awaiting them. For this re...

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...f this pain has become too unbearable? It is then the physician 's duty to alleviate the terminally ill patient’s pain once and for all through death if they voluntarily request this method.
Only five states, Oregon, Montana, Washington, New Mexico, and Vermont, have existing assisted suicide laws. Patients should not have to move across the country to be able to participate in aid-in-dying laws. Assisted suicide should be legal in all states. Patients should be to go to the hospital caring for them to request aid-in-dying not across state lines. Citizens have the natural born right to choose what they do what their body as long as they are not harming any other citizens. Therefore, terminally ill patients should be able to choose how and when they die because it is their natural born right, and no one would choose to die without their autonomy, freedom, and dignity.

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