Essay on The Debate Of Organ Transplantation

Essay on The Debate Of Organ Transplantation

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I am very interested in the topic of Organ transplantation. I am interested in biology and the process of surgeries. What intrigues me is the process of saving someone’s life in such a dramatic and complicated process. My dad happens to be a doctor and in his training he cut open a human body to see for himself the autonomy of the body. So being interested in the field of medicine is in my blood. Modern technology helps many people and saves people around the globe. However even with modern technologies that progress mankind, bio medical and ethical dilemmas emerge. And ultimately life falls into the hands of the rabbis, lawmakers and philosophical thinkers.
Organ Transplantation is often the best way of saving human life when a vital organ fails. There are three different types of organ transplantation; one is transplanting organs or tissues through one species body, known as autographs. Another form of human Transplantation is moving organs or tissues from one creature to another, from the same species. The last form of organ or tissue transplantation is moving organs or tissue from one species to a different species. An example of this is removing a pig’s heart and transplanting it into a human. Examples of organs that can be replaced are the heart, kidneys and liver. Tissues include bone, and bone marrow.
Organs can be removed from humans up to 24 hours past their death, and these organs can be stored for up to five years with delicate care. Ethical dilemmas come in when we must take into account, who receives the organ first, was the person really willing to give up his organ after death, payments for the organs and organ trafficking. Some people are killed for their organs, where they are sold in the black market. In some ...

... middle of paper ... argue if a dead person must only be brain dead, or if the heart must stop beating. Other serious problems when removing organs while the patient is dead is that the other organs or other parts of the body may be used for medical research. One must also be careful not to damage the body in any other way. Since the torah prohibits removing organs while someone is alive, it increases the chance that the organ won’t work, for organs work the best while the person is still alive.
There are more debates in Judaism brought up in the topic of organ donations, such as donating kidneys and livers. But the bottom line is that despite the fact that many people view Jews as selfish for not being generous in the organ donating world, a lot of thought goes in to try and save people’s lives and through organ donations, and that the rabbies try to do their best to preserve life.

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