The Debate Of Evolution And Creationism Essay

The Debate Of Evolution And Creationism Essay

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Evolution v.Creationism

The debate of evolution and creationism has been going on for a long time now. When Charles Darwin brought up the origins of species in 1859, this is when the debate had fully begun. The first time that evolution and creationism was debated in a court case was in the 1925 Scopes trial. Evolution was removed from the textbooks and the curriculum. Evolution started sneaking back into the textbooks in 1987. Parents were upset with the school 's teaching evolution to the students when they were raised as Christians.

Creationism is a faith that Christians believe that God created everything in just six days. There is no real evidence to support this belief, except Christians having faith in God that this really happened. Creationism is not a form of science since it has no evidence to back it up and it can not be proven that the world appeared this way. Public schools can not teach creationism because it goes against the establishment clause in the Constitution, the separation of church and state. No form of religion can be taught at a public school since it is violating a person’s first amendment rights.

While creationism talks about the idea of God creating everything, the idea of evolution is completely different. Charles Darwin said that humans are distant cousins of apes. This is where the theory of evolution came about. Darwin looked at the family tree and there were similarities between the different ancestries of animal life. Human matched up with the ape like ancestries when looking at the branches of the tree. This idea became known as natural selection.

The real debate when it comes to evolution and creationism is where did the start of animal life come from. We have the ide...

... middle of paper ...

...textbook. The teacher did not spend too much time over the topic, they knew it would bring up a debate. I was alright with learning about evolution in high school and through college. I had no problems, I knew that is was a scientific theory we had to learn about. I did not have to believe this theory if I did not want to, I was able to still believe in creationism.

I think evolution and creationism are one of those ideas that people do not like to bring up because they are afraid it will start a debate. People should become more aware of both sides of this debate. Even though you may not believe in the idea, it is still okay to learn information about that side. This way you can tell people what you know and have a well rounded conversation with them instead of just arguing your point to them. This could lead to a milder debate between evolution and creationism.

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