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The Debate of Dieting Essay example

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Dieting is used by millions of people all over the world. Most dieting plans are used all over the world because of advertising. People perceive dieting as healthy and an easy way to lose weight. Dieting is a way for someone to lose weight in a long period of time. It works for some people but doesn’t work for others. Everyone has their own opinion on dieting, but there not all right. Dieting is alternating eating habits so people will eat less calories and will lose those unwanted pounds. Dieting is good for an individual when they use it right because it helps them stay at a healthy weight and exercise regularly.
There are many different kinds of diets. Some unhealthy diets can cause eating disorders because they take dieting to an extreme. They adapt theses eating disorders by the kind of diets their own. If someone is on a low calorie diet, they tend to binge eat. Also people who eat a lot in a sitting can cause bulimia. Eating disorders may help get the results they want, but can cause health problems either right away or down the road. When an individual diets, they need to have a doctor monitor it and watch their eating habits. Linden and Putterman note that, “Rather than ‘diet’, many people attempt to implement healthier eating habits as a weight loss strategy or simply to improve their health by following recommended guidelines… (189).” Most people are dieting to have a healthier lifestyle and if they are dieting in unhealthy ways, they’re not improving on anything.
America’s obesity has raised greatly over time. This is because people over eating and don’t know how to exercise. Cogan and Ernsberger state that, “As much as 40 percent to 70 percent of the U.S. population is trying to lose weight, at any given time, youn...

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