Essay about The Debate Of Assisted Suicide

Essay about The Debate Of Assisted Suicide

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The topic of assisted suicide has been a controversial topic across North America. Although both supporters and critics have expressed very different and logical views on the matter, competent terminal patients should be given the right to decide when they want to end their overall suffering. Euthanasia in Canada distinguishes between active and passive euthanasia. Active, is the act of intentionally killing a person to relieve pain. While withholding or taking away life-preserving procedures such as water and food, is passive. Over the last few years, Canada, more specifically Ontario has gained permission by provincial courts to end their life ahead of the federal government 's new law. In 2015, The judgement of the Supreme Court of Canada explained that, “The prohibition denies people in this situation the right to make decisions concerning their bodily integrity and medical care and thus trenches on their liberty. And by leaving them to endure intolerable suffering, it impinges on their security of the person." While it can be said that assisted suicide laws put pressure on terminally ill people to end their lives, Euthanasia would still require medical evaluation and approval. Meanwhile, some have also said that assisted suicide offers a financial incentive for premature deaths. When in fact, it overall reduces possible long term financial effects that can cause irreparable damage to a family 's future. Whether or not any of these assumptions can be proven, this subject is largely based on differing opinions of the people and physicians. Opponents, express concerns about Euthanasia being against the intrinsic value and personal dignity, but in any case it preserves the individual 's self-respect.

Initially, people think Eu...

... middle of paper ... These results clarify that terminally ill patients need their rights recognized. That being said, those who are continually opposed to voluntary euthanasia must not deny people the right to die with dignity.

“Compassion”, as James Downar explains it, “can sometimes be shown only through actions that might compromise lifespan.” Although technology has advanced to the point where prolonging life is possible, it does not necessarily mean prolonging quality of life. A compassionate person must conclude that competent terminal patients should be given the right to assisted suicide to end their suffering. As well as understand that legalizing euthanasia can reduce the damaging financial effects of hospital care on families everywhere, preserve the individual right of people to determine their own fate, and that with legalization there comes safeguards for approval.

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