The Debate Between The And Minority And Majority, And The Environment Essay

The Debate Between The And Minority And Majority, And The Environment Essay

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Human shall never deem they are the saver of the Earth because everything we are doing today was to fix everything humans caused before. In the previous two ESS lectures, the topics are about the sustainable ways of daily life and the new technology- GMOs- currently for the poor. And in the three lectures this time, the topics are mainly about the conflict that between minority and majority, and the problems left in the history: if GMOs can help the poor, the system to protect the ocean condition, and the “environmental racism” that exists in Canada.
To begin with, in the ESS lecture of Oct.1st, a debate between Dr. Thomas and Dr. Patel presents a conflict caused by GMOs. On Dr. Thomas’s position, we can find the direct advantage of GMOs food comparing to the traditional agriculture by scientific analysis, such as the ability to resist disease and yields of the field. GMOs food had already spread out over the world- which was saying the technic had already mature enough to benefit people efficiently, especially the poor. Besides, the improvement of GMO technology can also accelerate some of the other industry like international trade, education in the Third World Country. On the other side, the social problem that was found by Dr. Patel was different: if it was necessary for the poor plant GMOs. On his position, although it was flourishing that we see GMO food was helping the poor, however, the fact was the farmers only receives a little knowledge about the current technology. Other than that, “cannot ask to compare with alternatives,” “do not think about consequences,” “public sector cannot afford better choices” and the pressure of public opinion are forcing people to believe that GMOs are good for helping.
Relatively, it was d...

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... since the colonization age, and he population makes the current situation that the White is doing everything instead of the natives is doing it.
All in all, the three lectures- a debate, a project of GLORES, an envisaging to environmental racism- provides us comprehensive aspects to deal with the study of sustainability and fully explains that a sustainable development involves social interact, science development, and humanity studies. The debate clarifies the hindrance that exists due to the unfamiliar to the new technology; the introduction of GLORES presents the current condition of the ocean and how the governments are trying to solve it; the speech about environmental racism proves how the public can influence the government on environment protection problem. In brief, every field has vital and connective function to make a better sustainable developing world.

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