Essay on The Debate Between Nature And Nurture

Essay on The Debate Between Nature And Nurture

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The debate between nature and nurture seems like an ongoing process. The term nature in this case refers to the biological and family factors whereas nurture refers to the social and environmental factors. I think that our personality and development are influenced by both sides. It is almost impossible to differentiate between these two influences, there isn’t really a good way of telling how much we are influence genetically and how much we are influence environmentally. Certain physical characteristics, such as eye color, hair type, and diseases are biologically determined by genetic inheritance. On the other side, certain habits, and characteristics are completely influenced by the environment. Let’s take intelligence for an example, one can argue that it is genetically inherited; on the contrary I think it is solely rely on the nurture side. I believe that both sides are responsible for who we are as an individual.

To begin with, I have an older sister, we are two years apart. Although we have the same mom and dad, grew up together, and spend most of our childhood together, we have nothing in common. She look like our dad, and I’m still trying to figure out who I look like. Our taste in food are different, our styles are different. I’ am more of an introvert, whereas she’s is an extrovert, very talkative and more outgoing than I am. My point is we are related to one another but neither one of us have anything in common with each other or our parents, except that she look like our dad. This prove that human development is not entirely based on nature but as nurture. Both factors influence the process equally.

Furthermore, there are many theories and research that are associate with this debate. One of the theories that suppo...

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...uman development is influence both ways. Parents plays a major role in the developing process, children tend to look at their parents as role models, they imitate certain habits and act certain ways. Similarly, the environment help shape who we are as a whole.

In conclusion, development is both influence by genetics and the environment. I have learned that both sides are important to the human development. Although some argued that nurture have a greater influence, yet there is no way of decide which reason have a greater influence on us. Life is a learning process, and it’s crucial that we learn to live and appreciate life for what it is. For future reference, if God ever grant me the privilege of having children, one thing I will keep in mind is that the human developmental process is not entirely based on biological inheritance, but also the environment around us.

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