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Debate About Capital Punishment Analysis Essays

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Capital punishment is a form justice, which used by human for a long time. Human start using death penalty from the beginning of the history and many countries used it to punish criminals. In the past, the family of a criminal offender was punished as well as the criminal. In Macedonia and Athens, if a person commits a crime such as betrayal or treason against their country and the punishment is death for them and their children (Peggs, 1839). Nowadays, there is a lot of debate about capital punishment because some countries use capital punishment more than others. Most debate about capital punishment weather people wants to keep it or cancel it from the laws. Some people concerned about the social and moral side of capital punishment.

In history, almost all the regions in the world used to use capital punishment more than countries do; nowadays, and they use it for the smallest things such as arguing with powerful person. Death was good way of dealing with criminals because putting dangerous criminal in prison was not an ideal solution for them these days. The Roman law mentions death as a punishment. The English law punished eight crimes with death. Henry VIII, in his time almost 72000 people may have killed for crime they commit. When British America was created, capital punishment was used in some states, so people were running from those states. In 18th century, when Russia cancels the capital punishment and many articles were written about capital punishment. In addition, many countries started a serious thinking on get rid of capital punishment. Nowadays, there are many voices against capital punishment and there are a handful of organizations that against the death penalty as well. Many countries officially canceled the...

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...tal punishment is in favor with society. The world is moving into an idea that punishing by death is uncivilized. The countries those continue using death as a punishment shown few signs of decreasing in using it.

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