Death Will Find You Soon Essay

Death Will Find You Soon Essay

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"Death Will Find You Soon"
The poem from Emily Dickinson was a lyric poetry on “Because I could not stop for Death.” The two main themes of Dickinson poem was immortality and death enjoying life because at anytime the death could come for you. Dickinson was already expecting the death in the poem. She was having a bad life and got abandoned from everyone else so she wrote the poem “Because I Could Not Stop for death.” She briefly describes how she has on a veil and stuff like that, and how she is going to meet with the death. In other words she is going to her wedding with death. In the poem of Emily Dickinson poem "Because I could not stop for death," interprets death as a kindly person because he stop for her after seeing she was having a busy life and didn 't have time to look for him.
Emily Dickinson poem makes a connection with death on “Because I could not stop for Death.” “He is apparently a successful citizen who has amorous but genteel intentions. He is also God…” (p.96). She describes the death as a kindly person dressed with a suitor. The death will be the one taking her to that altar when she will get marry. Since she took the ride with the death we could notice the acceptance she does with the death. We could briefly tell she was going to marry because she was wearing a bride dress and she hugged her fiancé which was the death. She makes it seem a good thing about the death coming for her because she doesn’t seem to have fear against him. She uses words like kindly and civility as describing the death. We could also see that she respects death because she travels with him to different places as their taking the ride all these places are mentioned on the short poem. This poem can be interpret in many ways. The narrator...

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... this until the last stanza. The speaker was the whole time a spirit, but was still thinking her final day. She sounded so peaceful in the first stanzas probably she was ready for her death. She ends it with “eternity,” on the poem and enacting eternity to descending out to the infinite. It was too many mysterious to fully explain. Life and death are both parts of life and fate. As teenagers we really don’t go to that about the significance until in the long run. When become adults that we start dealing with the death and by the time our minds are more developed that we could be able to feel emotions. Life and death are a natural cycle we have to be on conscious will not live forever I wish we would, but that’s the rule of life. Death will be an experience we will have to undergo on our lives. Eventually everyone is going to die and no one will stop by happening it.

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