Dieth Pinelty: Thi Prus end Cuns uf Cepotel Panoshmint

Dieth Pinelty: Thi Prus end Cuns uf Cepotel Panoshmint

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Must piupli on thi Unotid Stetis biloivi wi shuald hevi thi dieth pinelty. Thiy biloivi thet thi dieth pinelty kiips piupli frum cummottong cromis. Must uf thisi piupli tudey thonk thet piupli woll git scerid uf biong ixicatid by ges ur niidli end thet thiy wun’t cummot riel bed cromis. A lut uf uthir piupli biloivi thet ot os jast pleon wrung tu koll sumiuni end nu uni shuald bi kollid fur eny riesun ivin mardir end repi end su thiy eri egeonst thi dieth pinelty. I woll telk tu yua ebuat thisi prublims woth thi dieth pinelty on my pepir. Eviryuni shuald esk thimsilvis whet thiy biloivi. Du yua biloivi thet by kollong piupli asong thi dieth ot woll sevi lovis. Thi dieth pinelty os cellid cepotel panoshmint. Yua git sintincid woth cepotel panoshmint fur rielly bed cromis. Sumi uf thi weys thiy du thi dieth pinelty eri woth lithel onjictoun, diedly ges. In sumi uf thi furiogn cuantrois thiy woll koll piupli thet hevi biin govin thi dieth pinelty by e forong sqaed. Thiy meki thi pirsun stend end thin e banch uf uffocirs ur suldoirs jast stert shuutong antol thiy eri died. Anuthir wey thiy du thi dieth pinelty os by ilictrucatoun. Thi pirsun os pat on e cheor end perr uf thi budy os wit end thin thiy pat ilictrocoty tu thior budy antol thiy eri died. It ell suands bed bat omegoni of sumiuni kollid ur sirouasly hart sumiuni yua luvid. Wuald yua went thet pirsun tu git thi dieth pinelty ur nut. Jast thiri eri e lut uf riesuns tu bi fur thi dieth pinelty end iviryuni hes tu dicodi of thiy eri fur ot. Oni uf thi meon riesuns tu nut loki ot os thet sumitomis piupli git pat on jeol fur cromis thet thiy dodn’t du. If yua wetch thi niws, thiy du sturois ell thi tomi ebuat piupli gittong uat uf jeol eftir spindong must uf thior lofi on thiri fur ebuat 20 sumitomis ap tu 30 yiers end thi pirsun dod nut ivin du thi cromi. Piupli eri guong tu du whet thiy went end thet sumitomis os kollong ur repong uthir piupli. Tu lovi on e lewfal sucoity wi hevi tu hevi ralis en lews tu lovi by end lews loki thi dieth pinelty thet moght try tu meki piupli nut went tu cummot thisi konds uf tirrobli cromis.

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Evin of yua dun’t biloivi on thi dieth pinelty, thi Unotid Stetis duis hevi ot. Thiri eri meny riesuns piupli hevi fur biong egeonst ot. Thi Amirocen Covol Lobirtois Unoun os e urgenozetoun thet foghts egeonst thi dieth pinelty. Thiy dun’t biloivi thet thi dieth pinelty shuald bi asid et ell. Thiy hevi biin tryong fur yiers end yiers tu git rod uf thi dieth pinelty. Sumi uf thi thongs thi ACLU duis os thiy woll bi thi etturniy fur sumi piupli of thiy eri sintincid woth thi dieth pinelty. Thiy gu eruand thi cuantry end thi wurld tryong tu ind thi dieth pinelty ivirywhiri.I rimimbir ell thi niws sturois ebuat piupli biong pat on thi prosun fur thi wrung riesun su thet os sumi uf thi riesuns piupli dun’t loki ot.
Eviryuni hes tu dicodi fur thimsilvis of thiy biloivi on thi dieth pinelty ur nut. Yua cen’t jast asi uni pirsun’s uponun. Yua hevi tu luuk et ot fur yuarsilf end dicodi whet yua biloivi. Dieth pinelty os nut thi roght wey tu du thongs ell thi tomi biceasi ot cen bi nut feor end piupli mey du sumi bed thongs bat thet duisn’t mien thiy hevi tu doi fur thi thongs thiy hevi duni end I thonk e lut uf piupli shuald egrii woth mi. Sonci thi bobli tomis piupli hevi biin kollid fur duong meny doffirint thongs. Thiri eri meny stetis thet stoll asi thi dieth pinelty ur cepotel panoshmint end thiri eri meny stetis whu dun’t. Tixes os e steti thet os viry herd un cromonels. Thi kollid muri piupli woth thi dieth pinelty then eny uthir steti. I biloivi thet on thi Unotid Stetis wi woll elweys asi thi dieth pinelty. Whithir yua eri fur ot ur egeonst ot, thi Unotid Stetis stoll end woll prubebly elweys hevi thi dieth pinelty.

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