Essay on The Death Penalty Should Be Prohibited For Many Reasons

Essay on The Death Penalty Should Be Prohibited For Many Reasons

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The death penalty should be prohibited for many reasons. There are some advantages and disadvantages in both options but, from my point of view, it is always better don´t use this penalty. In the following paragraphs I will provide some evidences in order to support my opinion.
We mentioned above, there were two rationales for this argument. On the one hand, des from a religious point of view is the retaliation of the order of nature and instinct (...) If the crime is part of human nature, the law is not intended to imitate or reproduce this nature is made to correct secondly fit confronting other religious dogmatic considerations, such as love of neighbor, forgiveness, among others. However, such dogmatic religious considerations are not sufficient to clarify the issue of the death penalty. It would be necessary to apply to the data provided to us social sciences (criminology, sociology, psychology, etc ...). (VILASANJUAN, 2015)
The Social Utility not shown, that the penalty fulfills a function of negative general prevention, or intimidating to potential offenders. Proof of this is that if it were, firstly, no longer exist crimes. And secondly, it is assumed that crime is a rational act, in which the offender evaluates the costs and benefits. This assumption may be false, but if that were true, the individual offender, expected or not discover it, or, better off leaving the judicial process. Also noteworthy is the argument that, contrary to obtain a prevention, a spiral of violence is generated. The fact of killing a person by the state, may mean that the act is copied and causing so wanted to reduce violence. Finally, note that, as claimed by supporters of the death penalty, possible that in some countries where the death pe...

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...mocratic states, in particular those who are called of law and social. This is because we have spent, as Foucault suggests a society of spectacle to a surveillance society. While long that punishments are no longer public, if true, that in some countries the "death penalty remains a show at the abolition in the world". Now, if this leads to the appearance abolition of prison institutions whose aim is to discipline, and therefore achieve the desired behaviors that the State; do not believe that this option is valid, since they put individual rights at stake. The problem, or rather, solutions should focus on the previous stage to crime prevention, and not after. Subsequent responses to crime, such as the death penalty and life imprisonment are not a reflection of state failure in carrying out their duties. And this failure lies with the life and liberties of a subject.

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