Essay on The Death Penalty Should Be An Option For Punishment

Essay on The Death Penalty Should Be An Option For Punishment

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I am writing a response to your New York Times editorial on April 6, 2014, on the "Death Penalty Needs to be an Option for Punishment." The article began by providing statistics and informing the reader about the harmful misconception that life in prison is better than a death sentence. The article you wrote was vague and filled with fallacies. There were many open ended statements and ideas that were not fully developed. He based his argument on the concept that a life is worth another life. Even though, my opinion is based on religious philosophies I realize that conceptually this idea could be reasonable; however, taking another person 's life as a consequence of a crime is morally wrong. I disagree with the author of this article because the death penalty does not truly punish the criminal, does not eliminate the suffering of the victim 's’ family, and does not discount the importance of the crime.
Killing someone for the crimes they have committed is a rash decision, that does not make the criminal truly suffer. To truly punish a criminal, people must place them in jail where they can suffer for their crimes. The author of the article defended the death penalty by stating that even in heavily guarded prisons the criminals will not be treated poorly. He stated “Many who prefer life without parole wrongly imagine that sadistic or callous killers experience prison as a daily punishment worse than death.” Furthermore, the officers won’t care about the crimes you committed, they will only be concerned with your behavior in the prison. If you act properly in maximum prison you get moved to medium, in which you are able to read, play, and enjoy your time. The author is trying to prove that jail is not really as bad of a punishment...

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...n idea and excluded information that did not agree with his idea, For example, expenses, the trauma that the families would have to go through, and the chance that an innocent would be killed.
The author’s argument was not strong enough to convince people to be pro-death penalty because of the lack of development. In an attempt to appeal to logos, the author defended the death penalty by concluding that a life is worth another life. By killing the criminal people will be able to end their suffering, however, there is proof that victims’ families are usually traumatized even more by the death penalty. He used fallacies in his arguments which further weakened his point. He failed to mention how expensive, tedious, and heinous the death penalty is. He also used his experience to generalized how all prisons would be. This article was overall weak and not well developed.

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