Essay on The Death Penalty: Lethal Gas Is A Legal Way To Kill Vile Criminals

Essay on The Death Penalty: Lethal Gas Is A Legal Way To Kill Vile Criminals

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Dying painfully is unconstitutional but there is a way to die pain free and yet, we have to use it while delivering the death penalty to inmates. Imagine a death row inmate that was sentenced to life for murdering a small family. Even though the convict should die painfully, we cannot enforce that in the United States legally. If the government wants the inmates to die pain free then we shall give it to them in the best way. A good percentage of the general population would prefer a death row inmate get served the death penalty rather than have their taxes go to feeding, housing, etc. the individual. As there are a million ways to kill an inmate, there are five forms of the death penalty, and one should be the dominant killing process: lethal gas.
The death penalty has quite the history from the 1870s to present day. Starting back in 1874, four states had begun to allow the death penalty. The timeline of executions would start with lynching inmates then follow to electrocution, lethal gas, lethal injection, and finally, a firing squad. Electrocution was adopted first by New York in 1888 as imposed by Thomas Edison. Multiple states had begun using electrocution as the key method of killing an inmate after 1913. In some prisons around the United States, convicts were allowed to choose their method of execution. Lethal gas has been used since 1924 when "Nevada is the first state to adopt lethal gas as an execution method following the use of poisonous gas in WWI, and execute Gee Jon for murder in a specially designed chamber" (“Capital Punishment Timeline”) Lethal injection was produced after lethal gas in attempt to "free" the inmate from pain. (Adoption date sentence)
Inmates have received a punishment of being hung since 184...

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...eing electrocuted would be rather painful therefore; no inmate would choose that particular death penalty. Even though the vile inmates that have received the death penalty have committed horrendous crimes, we cannot enforce cruel and unusual punishment, but we can enforce lethal gas into their systems.

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