Essay about The Death Penalty Is Too Harsh And Innocence

Essay about The Death Penalty Is Too Harsh And Innocence

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Crime surrounds us everywhere we turn; the question is on our methods on how to deal with it. Life is sacred but put into the hands of another human being who can end it, by saying the word “Guilty.” In life there are consequences for every action you make, but acted wrongly you can be sentenced to the death penalty which is punishment by death for a crime. The topic of death penalty has and will always be very controversial because of people agreeing and disagreeing. One side will act on the fact that the death penalty is too harsh and innocence of death. The other side will disagree and will act on justice should be served. The death penalty is purposely served for retribution, but this method is greatly flawed and is highly risked of executing innocent people.
The death penalty has been around longer than we known; it dates back to the colonial times. The death penalty as we know it has evolved over time. In the Eighteenth century, serious crime caused for serious punishment. The first established death penalty; the Code of King Hammaurabi of Babylon dates far as back as the Eighteenth Century B.C., which codified the death penalty for 25 different crimes (Bohm). “The death penalty was also part of the Fourteenth Century B.C. 's Hittite Code” (Bohm). Lastly, in the Fifth Century B.C. 's Roman law of the Twelve Tablets (Bohm). In 1890, the first person to become executed by electrocution was William Kemmler ( ). Cyanide gas was introduced in 1924 as another execution method (Bohm). Oklahoma was the first state to adopt lethal injection in 1977 as a means of execution (Web). As there being the death penalty there were prohibitions put in place. In 1986, executions of insane people were banned due to the case of Ford v. Wainwrig...

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...hill struggle on moral grounds if recent evidence is proven to be accurate ( ).The death penalty should be noted of protecting the public (Davis Interview). Crime deserves punishment, so the public can be safely secured.
The death penalty as they call it is a legal retribution or as I like to say revenge on someone who has committed a crime. Our system as we know it of handling crime is very imperfect as also the hands we put it into. Man is very judgmental on race, religion, and etc. No crime is that horrific that someone should loose there life over. I’m ashamed to say that’s there were some people who lost their life because of our system and were proven to be innocent many years ahead. We are supposedly teaching society a lesson not to kill but executing is just “legally” killing someone. No lesson is learned. You can take back a sentence but not someone’s life.

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