Essay about The Death Penalty Is Not Only Immoral

Essay about The Death Penalty Is Not Only Immoral

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Do you have any last words? A question so seemingly surreal that we can only imagine that it would be asked in a fictional situation. The death penalty has been heavily disputed by people all across the United States, and it ultimately boils down to one’s personal beliefs. However, before someone takes up a position on this subject, he must question if his position is truly justified. The death penalty is not only immoral, but it can also fail to bring closure to families, prove to be an ineffective crime deterrent, and cause wrongfully convicted citizens to be executed.
If the death penalty is so “righteous” then why is it only given to less than 1% of the people who are convicted of homicide? This defies the belief that “all men are created equal” if people are punished differently for committing the same crime. We are taught at a young age that we shouldn’t stoop as low as bullies and other morally corrupt figures. However, we are emulating the behavior of murderers when we find relief in ending another man’s life. The actions of our state reflects our values and beliefs, which means that our hands are just as dirty as the corrections personnel who inject criminals with lethal substances. Additionally, “corrections personnel frequently suffer from PTSD from having to kill” (
The next issue regarding the death penalty is the closure that it brings to the families of the victims. Murder is undoubtedly an atrocious crime, however, what lies at the end of revenge is the empty shell of the person who pursued it. It would be far more comforting for families to know that the criminal is spending every day reflecting on their actions in a prison cell. In fact, after the Boston bombings, “only 15% of Bost...

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...nmates to prove their innocence. Life without parole, at the very least, gives these unfortunate people some kind of chance at obtaining the freedom that they deserve.
The death penalty, as far as we know, doesn’t deter crime, ease the emotions of affected families, support healthy morals, and it’s hazardous to wrongfully convicted citizens. It’s hard to blame someone for wanting a cold-blooded murderer to be put down, but seeking an execution only fuels the cycle of hatred and killing. A corpse will bring no further salvation to the feelings of those affected, and there’s always a chance, although small, that the person executed isn’t actually guilty. The pent up hatred felt by the affected parties will only empower the offender, and that negative energy should be shifted towards moving past the issue so that the victims may regain control over their lives.

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