The Death Penalty Is Necessary Punishment Essay

The Death Penalty Is Necessary Punishment Essay

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How many executions do you think have occurred this year? According to the Death Penalty Information center, in 2015 there were 27 executions, in 2014 there were 35 executions, and in 2013 there were 39 executions, which was last updated on November 20, 2015. In 1999, there was an all time high of 98 executions in that year, but sense then we have reduced executions by two-thirds. Some people against capitols punishment believe that race affects the likelihood of him/ her receiving the death penalty and that theres an excessive risk of executing the innocent. In fact, I believe that capitol punishment is moral as referred to in The Bible, “An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth” (English Standard Version, Matthew 5:38) and that the death penalty deters crime. The death penalty is necessary punishment for the worst crimes such as serial killers, terrorism and murder, as a society we have a right to protect ourselves from the most vicious crimes.

According to moral justification, punishment should be doled out based on how severe the crime was, this is a basic principle that exists throughout society word wide. If one of your family members or friends were murdered, many people would have the feeling of hate and wanting the criminal to feel as much pain as they caused on the victim and their loved ones. Vengeance is a retaliation of some who have experienced loss through heinous crimes. Until one has suffered through the acts of such evil doings, “one may conclude that it is ‘wrong’ to execute individuals no matter what they may do — no matter how many lines they take, no matter they pain they cause, no matter the heinous quality of their behavior and/or motivation, no matter the malicious evil seek to perpetrate” (Dr. Jim L...

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...on the grounds that patterns of racial disparities are insufficient to prove racial bias in individual cases.” Race should not be a reason as to why the death penalty should be abolished.

The death penalty is necessary punishment for the worst crimes such as serial killers, terrorism and murder, as a society we have a right to protect ourselves from the most vicious crimes. People believe that race affects the likelihood of him/ her receiving the death penalty and that theres an excessive risk of executing the innocent. But, capitol punishment deters future murders with the fear of the death penalty. Even if there is a few not proven, but assumed innocent people that may receive death, it is minute compared to those that are proved guilty of murder. Also, the death penalty is morally just when referring to receiving justice and closure for the victims families.

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