The Death Penalty is Necessary in Modern Society Essay

The Death Penalty is Necessary in Modern Society Essay

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Each year in America, senseless acts of violence are being committed. In most cases more recently in our past, criminals have been convicted of their crimes and been arrested for those crimes. That is not where their journey ends. In all cases the criminals stand before a judge and a jury to determine the crime committed, and then comes sentencing. If a murder has taken place, and there is evidence that a more heinous crime has occurred, the convicted person will most likely incur the death penalty. In our modern society it has become necessary to deal out death and judgment to ensure the safety of many. The line is drawn in the sand but in some cases we step over that line to look at each case with strict detail.
Even with modern equipment and technology, human error is still inevitable. In some cases, death row inmates have declared their innocence even in their dying moments. With our modern equipment and advance knowledge of DNA and evidence analysis, it would be hard to contemplate the possibility of a mistake. DNA is 99.9% accurate in providing the information needed to prove innocence or guilt. Edward Koch wrote, “If government functioned only when the possibility of error didn’t exist, government wouldn’t function at all”. He implies that if questions about the death penalty were brought up in continuing way, nothing would ever be done about it. There cannot be a question to whether someone is guilty or innocent. It should be left to the evidence and support of findings to prove the innocence or guilt of the accused person. There are several degrees of murder and man-slaughter, and not all of them include the death penalty. Capital punishment is reserved for only the truly malicious and brutal crimes. If a person truly...

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...possibly be released as an adult is a possibility now. The chance of those same offenders committing more crimes as free adults is higher than those of non offenders.
The death penalty has been around since the beginning of modern times. The way of executing it has evolved as well to include more humane and civilized executions. Although death is harsh in any aspect, the choice on whether or not to keep the sentence has been decided. This heavily debated subject can make heroes of some and enemies of many. Controversy over age requirements, costly incarcerations, and possible flaws in convictions have the people wondering whether the death penalty is worth all the risk involved. The answer will always be, “Yes”. The price tag on the incarcerated prisoner is not just that of his own life, but for the life he has taken and the lives of the families he has broken.

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