Essay on The Death Penalty Is Just Too Much

Essay on The Death Penalty Is Just Too Much

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A Kill for a Kill
A world with no crime is just too much to ask for. A world that makes an effort to keep out the danger is more realistic. The only question is how do you keep the danger away from everyone? How can you punish someone so much to where they deserve what they did and it brings closure to the victim’s family? At this point in today’s society you can only punish someone to a maximum limit because of all the laws and rights we acquire today . Locking someone in prison for the rest of their life for murdering a family is how we discipline nowadays. Now no one said the prison life is excellent, but you still wake up every morning and go about your day like nothing happened; the only difference is you 're just living your life in prison. The death penalty is a vigorous solution to get rid of the bad and to protect the good.
“On June 25th, 2008, Patrick Kennedy was sentenced to death for the rape of his 8 year-old stepdaughter. In Louisiana there is an authorized capital punishment ( death penalty) for the rape of children under the age of 12” (Death Penalty- ProCon). Someone who can obtain the ability to treat a child under the age of 12 like that and be so cruel should be sentenced to death with no questions asked. Now because of all these laws the sentences could be reversed. “ The Supreme Court concluded that the Eighth Amendment bars Louisiana from imposing the death penalty for the rape of a child where the crime did not result, and was not intended to result, in the victim’s death (Death Penalty- ProCon).” The ability to reverse a sentence is a complete mistake. Just because the child was not killed does not mean Kennedy does not deserve capital punishment. The child is traumatized for the rest of her life Sexual...

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...ase the violence. Less damage is adopted to prevent more violence. “ .. execution brings closure to the murderer’s crime and ensures that the murderer will create no more victims” (Death Penalty Curriculum). It’s really common sense if you get rid of the bad there is no negativity that the society needs to focus on. Getting rid of a murderer keeps everyone safe, it ensures that the victim’s family is safe from any further violence and the people who were involved or were around will stay safe. Putting someone dangerous in prison ensures that the outsiders safety is definite, but everyone else inside the prison like inmates and officer risk their safety. “.. in prison, it is not uncommon for those receiving life in jail sentences to commit homicide, suicide, or other crimes while in jail, since there is no worse punishment they can receive” (Idebate).

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