The Death Penalty Is A Punishment Handed Down For The Most Heinous Of Crimes

The Death Penalty Is A Punishment Handed Down For The Most Heinous Of Crimes

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The death penalty. It is a punishment handed down for the most heinous of crimes. The words themselves evoke many, many passionate emotions. The arguments, both for and against, are endless and it seems most of them have merit. In the end, it is ourselves who have to decide what we believe in.

The state of Texas is well known as being one of the leading states in the number of executions carried out annually. I myself am pro death penalty. I have a background in law enforcement, having been a licensed Texas peace officer since 1996. On December 7, 1997, (ironically this was Pearl Harbor Day), as rookie deputy sheriff working narcotics east Texas, I was a victim of an attempted assassination. I still carry a bullet in my left arm from that incident. One of the assailants was apprehended. He was charged with attempted capital murder of a peace officer. Had the assassination attempt been successful, the charge would have been upgraded to a capital murder charge with an automatic death penalty sentence. For me it is a permanent reminder of how vicious the criminal element can be.

I have seen myself first hand, the pain and suffering that the victims of crime deal with.
The recidivism rate of criminals is atrocious. Three quarters of all these criminals keep getting out and committing even more crimes. This cycle repeats itself over and over. You might ask yourself where the justice is for these victims. For some of them even death will not erase the pain and suffering they have been exposed to. I sincerely believe that some crimes are not punished enough. For instance, in the case of pedophiles, how is a lengthy prison sentence a just punishment? These monsters have stolen the innocence away from these kids. No matter how much cou...

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...pport, Texas Democrats — 62% support. Texas Republicans — 85% support.
On Texas’ overall support for the death penalty, observers have theorized that it stems from elected appeals judges and limited clemency powers for the governor. A sense of lingering frontier justice (
In the end, it is up to our own conscious whether we are in favor or against capital punishment Overall I believe the death penalty in Texas as well as the rest of the nation to be a fair and just punishment. After all, the criminal bears the responsibility for his actions. No one forces them to pick up a weapon and take a life. They knowingly and willingly commit these offenses, and they know the punishment will be severe should they be caught and brought to trial for their actions. Therefore they should be held accountable and face the consequences.

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