The Death Penalty in the United States Essay

The Death Penalty in the United States Essay

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The Death Penalty in The United States
Capital punishment results in the victims family gaining a greater sense of security, making sure the criminal is able to be punished to the highest degree for his crime, and honoring retribution. The issue of capital punishment has created a division
and tension in our country. The controversy in our society is whether the death penalty/capital punishment serves as a justified form of punishment. Justice can be served by inflicting the death sentence for murder.
Serial killers are the most abhorrent individuals in our society. They will no longer be able to terrorize innocent people (Religious Tolerance). Thus, the death penalty ensures there is not a next victim of this murderer. Certainly, this is one reason the death penalty remains an effective deterrent for murderers and those who commit other heinous crimes no matter what arguments those on the other side of this issue may make.
The sentence for murder appears to be getting less severe as time passes. Crime is rampant and out of control. There must be a system to prevent these people from committing such grievous acts (Balanced Politics). Time spent in jail often is a means of stopping a few; but much more is needed in order to prevent recidivism. In some court cases a wide range of punishments that would cut the rate of crime should be available to prosecutors and judges (Balanced Politics). A judge could sentence a person to life in prison; but the criminal justice system may set this very same person free after ten or fifteen years in prison. Why must we put our trust in a judicial system that will let these vicious offenders out in society after ten or fifteen years in prison (Death Penalty). The judge may impose a life sent...

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