The Death Penalty : A Dying System? Essay

The Death Penalty : A Dying System? Essay

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The Death Penalty: A Dying System?

In the Time article, “The Death of the Death Penalty”, David Von Drehle addresses the controversial issue of the death penalty. The death penalty in the United States is a declining and flawed method of punishment. The problem of the American death penalty is still an issue in this day and age. Von Drehle compresses the flaws of the death penalty into five simple reasons.
Von Drehle informs his readers and the public about the five reasons why the death penalty is a flawed system by appealing to ethos and logos and by using different ideas that pertain to the issue of the failing system.
To summarize, the Time article “The Death of the Death Penalty by David Von Drehle emphasizes the rising issue of the death penalty in the United States. Von Drehle first refers to the case of Dzhokar Tsarnaev, the Boston Marathon Bomber. Tsarnaev is one of the 60 or more federal prisoners under the sentence of execution in a country where three federal death sentences have been carried out in the past half-century (2). Von Drehle uses Tsarnaev’s case as an example to unveil the flaws of the death penalty. The author writes about five reasons as to why the death penalty is a dying method of punishment. The first reason is, despite decades of effort, the procedures of the death penalty are not improving (5). Von Drehle explains the problems that happen inside of the federal prisons. Many inmates spend more than 20 years on death row awaiting their execution. State and federal courts are backlogged with the amount of cases that they cannot catch up (8). The seconds reason refers to the decreasing of crime in the country. The author writes about crime rates and how they are significantly decreasing throughout th...

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...liefs about the abolition of the death penalty.
In closing, the Time article “The Death of the Death Penalty” by David Von Drehle informs readers and the public about the failing system of the death penalty by addressing five simple reasons. Von Drehle does an exemplary job in explaining these five reasons to his audience by appealing to ethos and logos and by using different ideas relating to the death penalty. His appeals to ethos by stating his work experience and knowledge and by proving his reasons using reliable sources. Contrarily, Von Drehle appeals to logos by using graphs and statistics to appeal to logic. Despite failing to mention the immoral and unethical aspect of the death penalty, the author gives an excellent explanation of problems that flaw the system. The article gave me a lot of insight about the death penalty and expanded my knowledge of it.

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