Essay about The Death Of The Young Jewish Woman

Essay about The Death Of The Young Jewish Woman

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If I were a young Jewish woman that is hiding the “underground” railroad and was being insulted by a German the virtuous thing to do would be to keep quiet and continue without speaking anything to the German. As Aristotle says, “The person must be aware of what they are doing.” That being said the young Jewish women must be aware of what she is doing if she continues to be quiet about the underground. If she continues to stay quiet, she is not only saving her life, but saving many other Jewish people trying to escape death. Also Aristotle states, “The person must choose to act that way for its own sake.” If the young Jewish lady in the bookstore keeps quiet she’s not going to be awarded. That being said she is doing it because it will help her and many others stay alive and not be forced to go to a concentration camp or to be killed. Aristotle also says, “The act must spring from one’s character, which has been firmly established over time.” What he means here is that the Jewish women’s actions should be based on natural instincts and not uncomfortable. The Jewish lady should be abl...

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