The Death Of The United States Essay

The Death Of The United States Essay

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The smell of sweat and wet grass smeared the air. A deafening roar of the cheers from the sidelines echoed loudly through everyone’s ears. Emotional tears started building in each and everyone’s eyes. Everyone was screaming and laughing and rushing out onto the field. Emmanuel threw the disc into the air, watching it flop gracefully onto the wet and muddy grass. The area then gets flooded by a swarming body of red and white. Everybody 's dirty white jersey collected at one central point around the disc in the end zone. The sound of the squishy stomps created by the parading high schoolers echoed between the cheery screams and laughter. Marcus High School had finally, after countless hard working hours, won the Texas Ultimate State Championship.

“Time to get up!”, My extremely hyper best friend yelled in my face. The clock alarm clock read 5:45 a.m. in a dull, red light. For anyone who does not know me personally, I am not a morning person. I focused my eyes to the foot of my bed, and there was Joe, my best friend, and captain of the ultimate team, already ready, singing and dancing to Paulo Coelho by Russ. "What do you want for breakfast Sleeping Beauty?", he asked me. "Donuts," I happily replied, knowing he doesn 't like donuts in the morning. "I don 't like donuts in the morning dingus," he angrily responded, "you know that." I just smirked and got up to get ready. After a nice, refreshing shower, I was ready for the day, or so I thought. Joe kept on dragging me everywhere, from the room to the vending machine, back to the room because he forgot his cleats (classic Joe), and then to the dining hall to get a fantastic continental breakfast. The hotel we were staying at was easily one of the nicest hotels I have stayed at during...

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...Tlacuaches, a team from McAllen, TX. A heartbreaking 11th is what we ended up with. I didn 't have the power to be angry anymore. I wasn 't phased with this; I wasn 't surprised at all. I didn 't care at all.

It was at this moment, when my captain, Stormi, came up to me and told me something I never quite understood. Something I took for granted. She grabbed my shoulder and turned me around, whispering my name to my face. "Winning isn 't everything" she informed me, but I knew that. "There is no such thing as losing; there is no way one can lose. You either win, or you learn", she told me with the sweetest of voices. At that moment, I finally understood a lot of things. Almost as if I was watching life through slightly tinted glasses, and I just took them off. From that moment, I have never lost, nor will I ever lose again. I will only learn, and move forward wiser.

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