Essay about The Death Of The Rwandan Genocide

Essay about The Death Of The Rwandan Genocide

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Around 800,000 people died in a hundred day period in Rwanda in 1994. This equates to 20% of the total population of Rwanda. The manslaughter was one of its kind that it targeted a specific ethnic group— the Tutsis. Although there are no one specific reason why it started, there were some speculations. One of the possible reasons was when the president’s airplane was shot down in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. After the incident, the ruling government, which was mainly composed of the Hutu ethnic group, believed that this was the Tutsi doing, then ordered the mass murder through militia’s and ordinary people to go out and kill every Tutsi neighbor they encounter. In addition, the other possibility was the tension between the Tutsi and Hutu that started in the precolonial period.
Before Rwanda claimed its independence from Belgium in 1962, the Belgians treated the Tutsis as a superior race and gave them a lot of education and government positions than they did to the Hutus. After seeing this, the Hutus were disgruntled with the Tutsis. The crash of the president’s plane and the race superiority aggravated by the Belgians were the major reasons as to why the genocide and animosity between the two ethnic groups started. Similar to the Holocaust, even though not to the same degree, the Rwanda genocide has claimed many lives of men, women, and children. Thus, one might argue where the world’s greatest power were at the time of the genocide. According to the New York Times article written at the time, the life of the Rwandans were not valued and called it insignificant (Sciolno qtd in Malvern, p. 202). In addition, after the genocide was over, with the exception of France and Britain, the United States have apologized for not interven...

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...he panelist examined the precolonial period and its effect on the genocide, how many people were murdered, and why a lot of people died in the short period of time. The article answers all the questions mentioned above as: the Belgians were responsible for the precolonial tension created between the Tutsi and Hutu, around 800,000 died, and the reason behind how so many people died was because neighbors were killing each other and the ruling government ordered the genocide.
In conclusion, based on the evidence and argument I provided in my research paper I will restate my thesis as the genocide was preventable, and the media not doing their jobs properly has cost the Rwandans their friends, fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters. In addition, other nation’s hesitance to intervene and halt the atrocity contributed for the death of more than half a million people.

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