Essay on The Death Of The Roman Society

Essay on The Death Of The Roman Society

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Suicide in the Roman society also was viewed as a tool of control. An example of this would be Cato the Younger, who would obtain his freedom through his death. There were many suicides that were viewed as a conscious intentional act and none of them consist of a mental imbalance or illness, although, there were there were individuals that did commit suicide due to their psychological problems, but those were often viewed as dishonorable deaths. There are many ways to commit an honorable and quick death. A few would be cutting open an arterial vein; an individual could also use a sword, dagger, or poison. On the other hand for the individuals who are old or ill, they would chose to stave to death. If one would try to commit suicide by hanging themselves then that would be beyond dishonorable. Virgil calls the act of hanging oneself obscene. There were also those who chose to jump from high places in order to die. Those were often considered crude and dishonorable as well. The problem with committing the honorable suicide with swords and daggers and things of the like is that many people could not afford these things. Only those who were ether elite, upper class, or those in the Roman army had swords or daggers at their disposal. The nobility had access to the pharmacists or doctors to commit suicide by poison. The only way that the lower class could commit suicide was by hanging themselves or by jumping from high places. In Hope, Death in Ancient Rome explains suicide as a good suicide was one that had sound motives and was bravely met.
With all of this information on how the Roman culture viewed suicide, one can now effectively analyze Dido’s death, from the Aeneid, motive for committing suicide. There are variouys reason...

... middle of paper ...

...e are not specific reasonings on why cremation was illegal, but one could assume with a small amount of research that the Romans had an important believe about be buried. If one did not have the proper bural, then that individual would not be able to reach the afterlife.
During Dido’s suicide she falls into the pyre after she stabs herself. At first glance this would be a random event, but if one would think about what is actually going on it could have a huge meaning or even be a metaphor for something bigger. Dido wanted to make it a point for Aeneas and the Trojans to see her death from where they were. Metaphorically it could also stand for the fall of carthage. R.j. Edgeworth says, “I submit that certain particulars in Vergil’s story of Dido, including her perising amid the flames are drawn from an episode which occurred at the fall of Carthage in 146 B.C.”

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