Essay about The Death Of The Rain

Essay about The Death Of The Rain

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She recognize that smell of wet earth just after it rains. The aroma that can be smelt through open windows or the whiff that hits when you walk outside the door, the ground still wet, water still dripping from the leaves.
Drip…Drop. Drip…Drop.
That remained Nora’s favourite thing in the world. She stepped outside just after the rain had ceased and just consumed the smell of something so natural that it cannot be stop by any living human or machine whatsoever. She loved to splash in the puddles with her pink gum boots that she had since her feet had stopped growing, at the age of sixteen. Her arms spread wide, while she spins on the wet grass with her head towards the sky. Thanking it for its beautiful blessing.
Turning and Turning.
Then the rain would begin to fall again and she would rush to cover, not wanting to be wet to her core. Everyone thought it was wired that Nora hated the rain but loved just after it. Truly thinking about it, everyone thought that Nora was wired full stop.
When she was at school, they would laugh and point at her for sitting alone or when she raised her hand in class when the teacher asked a question. She stopped doing that after a while. She hated being laughed at, or pointed at like she was a monkey at the zoo in a cage for the world to stare at.
Nevertheless as her life went on, she learnt that there are some cruel people in this world and you being you is even more beautiful than trying being somebody else. Nora learnt that she might be wired, but then again there were people out there in the world that were wired and just like her. People that Nora would become friends with, that were always to be by her side.
Nora’s mother used to tell her to ‘just be you. No matter what jumps at you in life,...

... middle of paper ... on, she would jump from puddle to puddle, squealing like a little child. And her light would look at her with a smile on his lips. Their laughter could be heard from hill side to hill side. Their rings gleaming in the sunlight.
Never in Nora’s life, had she been happier when she found out that she had created life. Something that if she was asked about it five years ago, it would have been a joke. As the baby came into the world, his cries are heard for miles, Nora turns to her husband and said ‘I will teach him to love it after it rains.’
And so they did and before he would walk, they would talk him outside just after it rained. They would tell him stories of their adventures after the rain and how they came to meet. When he could walk, they unbolted the door put little blue gum boots on his small feet and he started his own adventures after the rain.

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