Essay about The Death Of The Prison System

Essay about The Death Of The Prison System

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Like birds with clipped wings, hundreds of thousands of people are not only summarily plucked from their lives and thrown into a cage, they are also shouldered with numerous burdens that prevent them from flying away from a lifetime of captivity. Normally, people would expect the prison system to prevail and deliver heroic justice to all whom done wrong. However, in reality, millions in America each year are pulled off of streets and forced to enter a never ending cycle called “incarceration”. Even if they manage to escape the physical bars of prison, they never truly gain freedom from the bird cage, because of the after-effects of being incarcerated.
In 1988, Congress passed a bill called the “Edward Bryne Memorial State and Local Law Enforcement Assistance Program” that gave federal funding to agencies that fought in the Drug War (Alexander, 78). In response to money rolling in, police forces became hunters who would capture anyone they see fit. Imagine walking down a street, happily going home from work to pick up your kids from school. All of a sudden, a police car stops right next to you and immediately tells you to spread your arms and legs so that they can search you. Being as someone needed to be either foolish or stupidly brave to refuse the police, you say yes. Afterwards, they just “happen” to find a bag of crack cocaine you were holding for a friend and take you to prison. All for a few extra dollars, you get thrown into a cage with no one left to watch your children. To your dismay, your life was about to fall into pieces because of this one felony.
Being as you are short on cash and cannot afford a lawyer, you are issued a public defender for your case. After a quick introduction, you are told that it is better to ...

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...le and thus thrown into the streets with his children— up until child services come and places his children into foster care. Losing the only thing that was pushing him, the man has no where else to turn to, but to crime itself. After years of dealing with illegal narcotics, the man is sent to jail by the very thing that started the whole mess.
This never-ending cycle of incarceration is the main reason why many cannot flee from their iron-plated cells. Continually being in debt, under constant surveillance, and separated from their loved ones, many “birds” who are caught end up perishing in their cages. “More than 12 million people are arrested each year” (Porter). Unless laws and polices that prohibit ex-felons from integrating back into mainstream society are changed, these millions of people will permanently become caged birds that lose their freedom forever.

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