The Death Of The Murder

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The year was 1982, when a sixteen year old boy had just been released from the custody of juvenile authorities, having been in and out of trouble since the age eight (Hays 1990). The first time he got in trouble was for trying to poison his mother’s boyfriend, which he had claimed that the man had beat him. “Two years after that he was picked up for various petty crimes” (Hays, 1990, p.44). When this boy was older, he thought about buying a motorcycle and traveling across country looking for his real dad that he had not seen since he was five, but he did not have the money. According to Scott Hays, on July 27, 1985, he robbed a liquor store (Hays 1990). During the robbery, he pulled out a knife and stabbed a twenty-seven year old mother of two death. The boy of nineteen pleaded guilty to the 1985 murder and asked the judge to sentence him to death. He told the judge, “Death is not a scary thing to someone who is hurting inside so bad they are hurting other people” (Hays, 1990, p.45). The boy was not scared of death; he did not even want to be living anymore, so he just wanted to be executed. On June 27, 1986, the judge granted him his wish, and he spent his 20th birthday on death row, awaiting his fate (Hays 1990). Scott Hays says, “He is now age 24, still on his death row, and still thinks the only way to pay for his crime is with his own life (Hays, 1990, p.47). Some people may argue that this man deserves a chance to be rehabilitated, but the husband of the dead woman disagrees. The husband believes that some death penalty proponents argue that many “death row conversions” are merely show- a condemned murderer will admit their guilt and pretend to feel great remorse in order to earn just a sentence of life rather than death (H... ... middle of paper ... ... believe that God places people on Earth for a purpose. According to Bruce A. Robinson, “If we kill them prematurely, then we may be thwarting God 's will” (Robinson 2012 ). This means that any human being has no right to tell anyone else if he/she is able to live or be put to death. According to, “Death penalty is wrong and immoral. No one should ever be given the right or ability to take another person 's life, it is not our place to decide who is good enough and who is not. That will start a vicious cycle of killings and contradictions that are terrible” ( 2016). This critic believes that it is not okay to take anyones life because no one has the right to judge another person. Non supporters believe that no one has the right to kill someone because nobody knows if God is done with that certain person in life, and that killing anybody is a sin.
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