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1. Initially Reyna Grande and her siblings Carlos and Mago were left behind while her parent immigrated to the United States to work. During that time Grande faced many struggles among the most prevalent were her feelings of abandonment, the neglect she and her siblings faced at the hands of their paternal grandmother, and the ostracization. Reyna was left behind when she was a baby by her father and had no concrete recollection of him and her mother left when she was four. Until that point Reyna’s mother had been the only parental figure she had known. The abandonment didn’t stop at the physical absence of her mother, but also at the emotional unavailability of her mother when she finally did return. In the absence of their mother the Grande children were to be cared for by their paternal grandmother Evila who was largely hostile and neglectful. Though their grandmother provided them with housing and at least some nourishment she was in no way emotionally supportive or loving toward them often blatantly displaying her preference for their cousin Elida prominently as if to reiterate the favoritism. The children were often ostracized amongst their peers due to their status as “orphans”. In opposition to their cousin who, although in the same predicament she was seen as a spoiled granddaughter often wearing new clothes and clean while they wore ratty clothes and were consistently infected with parasites.

2. Reyna Grande, crossed the border with her father and siblings at the age of ten. Initially her father was hesitant to take her due to her age and her ability to handle such a difficult and dangerous trek. Crossing the border was such a difficult task that it took the Grande family multiple tries before they were successful. Du...

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...ecular culture was like coming to a new country. Though I have heard the stories before and knew a majority of the answers to my questions I did find out some things I was not aware of. One of the major things I didn’t know before was that my mother had mostly spoken Yiddish in her childhood and coming back to secular culture a major challenge of that was overcoming a limited knowledge of the English language. And although she did come back to secular culture knowing a fair amount of English due to the extreme censorship in Hasidim there was a large amount of words and concept she had never heard of before things like dinosaurs and science were completely foreign to her. I sat with my mother for well over and hour and we talked about these sort of things. In conclusion I came to terms with my own culture and feelings of disconnect with my Jewish heritage and origins.

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