The Death Of The Funeral Business Essay

The Death Of The Funeral Business Essay

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Death is a concept that people struggle to think about. Although it happens to everyone, the topic of death still causes a sense of not only heartache but avoidance. Even though death could happen at any moment, most people don’t think it would ever happen to them. These people never consider or talk about what they would like to happen if they did die for any reason. Within the short story, The Death of the Funeral Business, there are multiple instances where Sandy Hingston, the author, examines different types of ‘memorial services’. While talking about these different types of services, she investigates the different forms of body disposal. These types of disposal include a burial with funeral, burial without funeral, and cremation. Hinston discusses these types of disposal in depth and allows her audience to determine the way they view funerals or even death itself as society is evolving.
The funeral industry as a whole is still managing their business just like they did years ago. A casket with a body in it and a long service to remember the one who passed away. However, society is now shifting views of death, religion, and of course the economy has forced a majority of people to make funeral arrangements with their wallet, not their heart. To begin, Hingston addresses multiple times in the story the price of a ‘normal’ funeral. “This explains the pillowy satin linings of the coffins in their Casket Room, where models range from a $650 bare-bones box to a $17,950 bronze number so gorgeous that I’m tempted to climb in” (Hingston 40). Not only does this quote give direct numbers, but Hingston jokingly mentions how extravagant a coffin can be. It is common for a family to want the dead to look comfortable, but it is getting har...

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... a funeral with a casket. Cremation is a change that is emerging slowly and will eventually be the new definition of a funeral.
Not only does Hingston talk about personal experiences and her point of view, she mentions statistics and known facts that relate to her entire audience. She has made it clear that in todays society, the body is not a necessity for a funeral. Cremation and memorials without a body are uprising. While the traditional funeral is still around, these new rituals are forms of mourning are beginning to shape society and form a new era of culture. Today, it is easier for people to mourn death. Cremation allows people to take the ashes of the deceased home with them! Although the emotions accompanied by death will probably never go away, the process of memorial services and funerals are progressively changing the way society views death as a whole.

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