The Death Of The Cave Essay

The Death Of The Cave Essay

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Question 1. The people in the cave have been chained so that they can only see the wall in front of them (Plato 450). Behind them is a fire and between them and the fire there is a raised walkway with a low wall. There is a constant stream of people walking behind the wall carrying a variety of objects and animals. The people who are chained are not able to see the people behind the wall only the shadows of the animals and objects. The voices and sounds of the animals and people talking echo off of the walls leading the prisoners to believe that the shadows are speaking.
Suddenly the people in charge of the cave freed a man. Upon being freed they made him look at the fire behind him. His eyes burned and he could not see anything. Shapes began to form and he was told that he was seeing the real objects on the wall. He does not believe him and go back to the cave wall where he could see the images clearly rather than through burning eyes. When he continued to look at the wall a man comes and drags him out into the sunlight. The man began screaming in pain as both the light and realit...

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