The Death Of The And Tell Me Your Opinion Essay examples

The Death Of The And Tell Me Your Opinion Essay examples

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"Drink and tell me your opinion," said Lord Yu.
Wordlessly, the servant drew up to Jingyan. Inside the chalice, a dark colored liquid curled against the side and fell still. The arrangement reminded Jingyan of the poison wines brought to prisoners who used to be rich and powerful. Or ones that Imperial Consort Yue sent servants to deliver to consorts and mistresses that 'd fallen out of favor and been convicted of a crime.
“Poison?” asked Jingyan. Then, his brow lifted up quizzically and he blinked.
Next to Jingyan, there was a rush of movement.
"The idea to hold Liang 's prince hostage was mine," said Mei Changsu. A brush of gray tinged his moonlight skin. He prostrated himself, cloak spilling onto and covering the floor like a layer of snow. His forehead pressed once into the ground and then he straightened his back. "All the fault is mine. Let me taste the wine."
"Changsu," said Lord Yu.
Jingyan supposed there should 've been a warning in his voice, but the alcohol in the man 's system made his words sound like a whine. Jingyan turned his eyes back to Mei Changsu. There wasn 't much he could decipher from the man 's expression, but for a warm, stolen second, Jingyan allowed himself to experience a fool 's paradise.
The innocent joy ended when Mei Changsu stood and walked toward Jingyan, toward the servant who 'd brought the tray before Jingyan. Jingyan watched as long, pale fingers closed around the chalice and the servant 's eyes darted over to King Yu. There was the slightest of tremor in Mei Changsu 's hand, but only visible because there was liquid inside the chalice.
The servant tossed aside the tray and fell unto his knees, "Imperial Strategist, please reconsider. This wine is for Prince Jing."
"Changsu!" cried Lord ...

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...ill with his bare hands. With the second step Jingyan took, his foot glide and he would 've crashed to the ground if it weren 't for Mei Changsu 's hand gripping his arm.
"The ice is most slippery right now," said Mei Changsu. He, of course, had absolutely no problem, even after Jingyan borrowed his balance to steady himself. The man carried himself as if he had no body weight. Mei Changsu offered, "Let me hold you."
Though his robes was thick and his cloak obscured his arm, he keenly felt the pressure on his arm, as if they were touching, skin-to-skin. Instinctive, unwanted memories of flushed bodies and urgent kisses rose to the forefront of his mind and his stomach twisted in anticipation. The thoughts were brushed aside just as quickly.
If only he could carve out the part of himself that shuddered and begged for more every time Mei Changsu laid a hand on him.

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