The Death Of Salem Children Essay

The Death Of Salem Children Essay

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On January 20th, 1692, a nine-year-old girl, Elizabeth “Betty” Parris, and an eleven-year-old cousin, Abigail Williams, started the Salem, Massachusetts witch-hunts. Abigail Williams, niece of the village Reverend, began to exhibit sudden, strange behaviors. The young girl screamed blasphemous statements, had horrific convulsions, went into motionless catatonic states, and murmured strange conjurations, and, like clockwork, a small group of Salem children began to evoke the same mysterious behaviors in the puritan village. Two girls continued to ignite one of the most popular trials in witchcraft history because of boredom and personal jealousies.

With the blooming hysteria, the doctors, of the townspeople, concluded that the children were controlled by Satan. In turn, the Reverend, Samuel Parris, ushered prayers, church services, and public fasting in hopes of dispersing the wickedness that plagued the small town. Likewise, a pastry maker baked a cake of rye and urine obtained from the afflicted children, and dubbed it a “witch cake.” The cake, if consumed, would expose the identity of the witch that ailed the children. As the chaos rose, Elizabeth Parris and Abigail Williams labeled three women as witches, and this included the slave of the Reverend, Tituba. Ironically, Tituba acknowledged witnessing Lucifer, and he appeared to her in two forms, as a hog or as a great dog. The convicted slave also revealed a collaboration of witches working together in the dark hours of the night, but did not confess any names. On March 6th, 1692, The three women, including Tituba, were investigated in the Salem village courthouse, and Tituba attested to pursuing black magick. Other villagers confessed, and they testified that ...

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... verdicts are viewed as scandalous and horrid mistakes by a pair of young girls who influenced other children, adults, and the law. Out of boredom and personal jealousies, they fabricated accusations and the murdering of pure souls. It was an American mass psychosis. In 1992, Salem, Massachusetts paid respect to the condemned witches by acknowledging the good names who had not been formally pardoned. In that same year, the commonwealth erected a memorial to the wrongly accused at Salem. From the Salem Witch trial, William Barker Sr. confessed, “Satan 's design was to set-up his own worship, abolish all the churches in the land, and to fall next upon Salem. He said that the devil promised all his people should live bravely, and that all persons should be equal; that there should be no day of resurrection or of judgement, and neither punishment nor shame for sin.”

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