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Death of Romeo and Juliet Essay

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Sometimes things can be bittersweet and love can lead to death. In the story of Romeo and Juliet death accrued tragically because both Romeo and Juliet fell into forbidden love. The play "Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare, is a tragic story about two star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet, from enemy families, who secretly fall in love. Romeo met Juliet at a party that he's not supposed to be at; Tybalt saw him and was not supposed to be there. Once Romeo sees Juliet he fell in love with her. The next day Romeo and Juliet get married, Friar Lawrence conducts the secret marriage of Romeo and Juliet with the assistance of the Nurse, Juliet's nanny. Once they got married, problems accrued between Tybalt, Mercutio and Romeo. The problems resulted to more problems for had gotten banished from Verona. Juliet mourned the exile of Romeo which Lady Capulet thought it was for the death of Tybalt. Because there was so much sadness Lord Capulet decided to marry Count Paris and Juliet so he could bring joy to people's heart. Once Juliet heard the sorrowful news of her getting married, she went to Friar Lawrence and he gave her a clever plan. At the wedding night, Juliet takes the sleeping potion that made her look dead, and her family thought she was dead too. Because of everyone acting hastily, Romeo knew about Juliet's death, so he killed himself just to be with Juliet. Juliet woke up to go with Romeo only to find him dead. So, Juliet kills herself too. The death of the two lovers stops the feud between the families. This story has several valuable lessons that we can learn and use to not fall in similar situation like theirs.

In the story of "Romeo and Juliet a lot of characters were acting hastily and without thinki...

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...Paris. That caused Juliet to take the potion to make her look dead which led Romeo finding out and killing himself. In conclusion, Juliet kills herself because the pain of Romeo's death was suffocating her. If nobody was so selfish and if their thoughts weren't clouded with their needs and opinions then nobody would have had to die unnecessarily. If everyone did not keep secrets and communicated with each other then maybe Lord Capulet would've granted Juliet's unknown wish. And if nobody has had acted hastily then all of this none sense would've not happened. Unfortunately that did not happen and the story had to be ended with so many deaths. Yet, the two families ended their feud because they realized that the hatred the held towards each other affected everyone even their kids.

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