Essay on The Death Of President John F. Kennedy

Essay on The Death Of President John F. Kennedy

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The death of President John F. Kennedy had a major impact on the United States of America. This president did not only die, he was assassinated, and his killer remains unknown. The day Kennedy died America wept. There are still so many question that are left with no answers. What produced this “crime of the century”, why has there been so much controversy over it, and how did it affect the next presidents?
John F. Kennedy wanted peace. In June 1963 Kennedy gave a famous speech in front of university students on the ways in which America could achieve peace. Kennedy wanted space exploration and under his administration NASA was created. Instead of building bombs America would build rockets to the moon. Kennedy also believed in morality. He was the first person to say on live television that segregation of African Americans was a morale issue. Kennedy was a democratic president in a reelection year, but instead of trying to appeal to others for a vote, he did the right thing. Under his administration Kennedy formed a civil rights bill. Many of the white southern democrats were furious with Kennedy for this. Kennedy never got to see it all the way through because on November 22, 1963 in Dallas Texas President Kennedy was assassinated. There is a lot of controversy on his assassination and for good reason.
After Kennedy was assassinated it was thought that he was shot from back near the school book depository. So authorities went there and found Lee Harvey Oswald working. They arrested him for the shooting s of Dallas patrolman J.D. Tippitand and John F. Kennedy and brought him in for questioning. Throughout the whole thing he claimed his innocence. In an interview in front of the media he didn’t even realize he was being charged w...

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...They hated Nixon and hated the war, and all the leaders that could help with civil rights and antiwar movements were gone. A group of individuals, mainly left wing youth, rise out of this and the term “hippie” is born. These individuals want peace just like Kennedy wanted. Kennedy was a president many people looked to and admired, but his legacy sadly is more famous in death, than it was in life. Some say that we haven’t had a true President since Kennedy that stood for what they believed in, instead of just trying to win a vote.
The presidential elections from 1964-1980 are interesting. There were a lot of different things going on during each of thes elections that helped sway the vote from one side to another. There were also a lot of changes in America. What were these changes, what was achieved from these changes, and what caused failures and problems to occur?

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