Essay about The Death Of Michael Jackson

Essay about The Death Of Michael Jackson

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Born to Joseph and Katherine Jackson, MIchael was born on August 29, 1958 in Gary, Indiana. He was the youngest sibling out of 5 but that did not stop his talent from shining through. In the early 1960’s, Michael’s father put together a music group using his sons, which later became known as the Jackson 5 (“Michael Jackson Biography”). Even from an early age, Michael was able to touch the lives of many people.
At a young age, Michael became the lead singer of the Jackson 5 because of his voice range and depth. Their father was always pushing them to do better, sometimes to the point of violence. They worked hard to make sure that they had a solid performance. They played at a lot of local gigs, and eventually made a strong following. They eventually went to on the put out “one single “Big Boy”, with the B-side “You’ve Changed””( “Michael Jackson Biography”).
The single ended up being a failure. They continued to work with the group and eventually started to do opening acts from some big names in the music industry like James Brown and Gladys Knight (“Michael Jackson Biography”). This led to them being noticed by Berry Gold. He is the founder of the Motown record label. This was huge for the Jackson 5 because he signed them to his label in the late 1960s. They moved out to Los Angeles to start their careers as serious music performers (“Michael Jackson Biography”).
Eventually the years went by and Michael went on to his solo career at age 13, he was very successful. In 1971, he released his first song and was working with some big names in the music industry. Jackson paired up with the outstanding Paul McCartney in 1982. The pair released a duet called “The Girl is Mine” (“Michael Jackson Biography”).
Later on in Michael rel...

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...nd ended up having another child. The mother of the child was never known but the child 's names was Prince Michael “Blanket” Jackson (Michael Jackson Biography”).
After that Michael 's reputation started a sudden decline. His reputation and finances were destroyed. On June 25, 2009, the popstar passed away due to cardiac arrest. He was only 50 years old (“Michael Jackson”).
Although it ended in a tragedy, there was no denying that he left a tremendous legacy. He was the king of pop and had a huge influence on people. HIs death was a shock to many people. If you were to ask the general public about Michael there would be two answers. One he was a creep and child molester, or a popstar that touched the lives of many people. Regardless of the opinion of the general public, Michael left his mark as the king of pop and his music will continue to touch the lives of people.

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