The Death Of Michael Brown And Freddie Gray Sparked Riots Essay

The Death Of Michael Brown And Freddie Gray Sparked Riots Essay

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In 1968, the last officially recognized lynching in the United States occurred. Forty-eight years later, African Americans continue to face the threat of extrajudicial fatalities at the hands of those who have vowed to protect them. In the United States, the conversation over racially-biased police has grown tremendously in the last six years. In a Wall Street Journal poll, 96 percent of respondents expected racial unrest over the summer of 2015 (Hook). The deaths of Michael Brown and Freddie Gray sparked riots. To prevent further racially-biased police violence, law enforcement must be reformed at every level.
Reforming law enforcement is not without controversy. There are valid concerns over how officers would be monitored, the viability and consequences of camera equipment, and the cost of providing increased training for police officers. The first question posed to body and patrol car cameras is the privacy of law-abiding citizens as well as the equipped officer. The argument postured is the situations in which a camera can be turned off or if they can even be disabled at all, creating an additional problem of the accountability for an officer’s judgment. Second, the cost of these programs and equipment would be difficult to meet (Edwards). With the adoption of cameras, with each ranging from three to seven hundred dollars per unit, the equipment required to process and compile immense stores of data would prove to be vastly expensive.
Racially motivated police violence has generated immense attention from social media and news coverage. The names of Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, Tamir Rice, Laquan McDonald, and many other African Americans killed by police are etched into the minds of Americans. However, with such a vast an...

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.... Recent years did not see the purported War on Cops. Instead, violent crime is at an all-time low since 1978 (Feeney). In addition to this lack of violence, there is no long-term reputable record of the number of people brutalized or killed by officers. Police officers, according to the numbers going twenty years back, are safer than ever (Balko), as recent years display a record low for gun-related police deaths since 1920.
In conclusion, there is a long road ahead to mend the rift that racially motivated police brutality has caused in the United States. To repair these damaged relations, law enforcement must be reformed extensively. There is extreme potential in the increased oversight of law enforcement. To ensure the fair protection of the constitutional rights of African Americans and citizens in general, police must be overseen, trained, and held accountable.

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