The Death Of Mercy Killing

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Mercy killing, also known as controlled suicide or euthanasia occurs when a person ends another person’s life intentionally. Among the reasons is that they believe that it is in their best interest to alleviate pain and suffering from a patient suffering from an incurable disease. The term is used to describe both situations when a person asked their life to be ended and when they never asked. Under the current law, any person who ends another person’s life can be charged with murder and also face mandatory life imprisonment if found guilty. However, mercy killing has long been used to justify euthanasia when the perpetrator is considered to have acted out to free the person from suffering. This creates a conflict over whether the accused are mercy killers who deserve compassion from the courts or whether they are murderers who should be prosecuted and convicted . Many ethicists would justify the action since the ultimate motive was good, but others would say that while the ultimate motive was to stop the person from suffering, no person has the right to kill so as to achieve that end. The paper discusses arguments for the belief and the major objections to the conclusion. Assisted suicide strikes many people as a case to support. However, upon closer inspection, there are many reasons why mercy killing is a serious mistake. Supporters often focus on superficial issues of self-determination and choice. Opponents of assisted suicide argue that it would not increase choice and self-determination despite the assertion by the supporters. It would actually augment real dangers that would negate genuine choice and control. These dangers have many people in the United States to defeat bills that legalize assisted suicide or have passed l... ... middle of paper ... ... with incurable diseases . Mercy killing is not allowed in the modern society. Many people including organizations, advocates and health care providers among others are continually opposing the legalization of assisted suicide or mercy killing. Instead of legalization, state governments should advocate for adequate homes and community based long-term care of patients with incurable diseases. State governments should also initiate universal health coverage and a range of social support for the patients in efforts to provide true self-determination for every patient. Some patients opt for suicide simply because the cost of maintaining their health condition is quite expensive. Given the absence of any real choice, assisted suicide is an act of desperation rather than autonomy. It is a form of fictional freedom, phony autonomy, and human beings have the right to live.

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