Essay on The Death Of Jonathan Wayne King

Essay on The Death Of Jonathan Wayne King

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Jonathan Wayne Nobles
On September 13, 1986, two women were brutally murdered. The first woman, Mitzi Nalley, was stabbed twenty-eight times, a second woman, Kelly Farquhar, was stabbed fourteen times and her throat was slit open twice, nearly decapitating her, and a third victim, Ron Ross, suffered nineteen stab wounds and lost an eye. Jonathan Wayne Nobles was on a four month parole, after serving eight months of a three year sentence for theft, at the time of the offense. Despite his horrific crimes, Jon turned his life around while on death row. To ameliorate one’s life is no effortless feat, however, with the help of God, good friends and the recognition of his remorse, Jon became a different man. Even as a renewed man, the question has arisen; Although Jon transformed his way of thinking, and his way of living; Did he still deserve to die? I believe so.
I feel that Jon first started his journey to rehabilitation during 1989, when he first became interested in the St. Martin de Porres Lay Dominican Chapter, he made his final commitment in 1991. By taking part in baptisms, helping officiate Mass, praying with inmates and later becoming a Lay Preacher, Jon became a spiritual leader for all inmates on death row. “It wasn’t just a ‘Jailhouse religion,’” Bishop Edmond Carmody (a friend and Priest at Ellis), testified of Jon’s conversion. “It was genuine. He came to Mass regularly and participated.” Jon not only joined a religion, he lived it. He renounced his former way of living, asked God for forgiveness, and tried to explain the Catholic faith to other inmates. “He was a blessing to them,” Bishop Carmody recounted. Jon even chose to close the last chapter of his life by fasting all day and having Holy Communion as his last me...

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.... She believed it so much that on the day of Jon’s death, Pam told reporters, “I feel sadness. I am going to grieve for Jonathan.”
Jonathan Wayne Nobles turned his life around while in prison. He found God, renounced his former ways. Jon asked forgiveness from all of those whom he had pained and made friends from strangers and from enemies, who have testified of his rehabilitation.
However, rehabilitated or not, I believe that accordingly to the crimes he committed, Jon received proper punishment. By taking the life of a murderer, we are showing society that murder is an intolerable crime and will be punished in kind. Many will argue that the death penalty does not deter others from committing murder. This is a study that has proved to be inconclusive. What is certain is that the death penalty absolutely deters the convicted murderer from ever hurting anyone else.

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