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The Death of Icarus Essay

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Icarus plummeted into the cold dark water filling his lungs with the salty water, he sank to the bottom of the endless chasm and starved for air, for one last breath. He succumbed to the darkness it filled his mind and body, his life slipped away, he was dead.
Daedalus landed near the island of Kythira analyzing the assault on his senses he noticed the island had a very faint sweet smell barely discernible in the company of the overbearing sea, this island was so pleasant starkly contrasting the death of his son. He knew there was a way to save Icarus; his body was lost but his soul would be saved, Icarus would be entering Hades’ realm presently, awaiting unspeakable tortures that he couldn’t even imagine. Daedalus could enter the underworld then he could bargain with Hades for the life of his son and attempt to save him from the harshness of eternity. He knew of an entrance to hades but he had no way of reaching it with his now broken wings and even those wouldn’t have taken him all the way for the entrance was thousands of feet below the sea, in Create.
Icarus sat behind Charon staring into the endless waters of the river Acheron; therefore his human life ended and the rest of his existence had just begun. He thought faintly about what this journey entailed, would he be consigned to the fiery pits of Tartarus or would he be treated as a hero in the islands of Elysia? He hoped he would be fortunate and possibly be given another life, maybe then he would see his father again, his thoughts were abruptly halted as the Acheron ended, “This is the end.”
The trees were billowing in the wind their slow dance outlining the sky blocking the murderous rays of the sun, and giving Daedalus an idea, he would build a ship. This sh...

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...emplate his answer but he already knew what he was going to say. Hades was very generous with Daedalus because he wished to reward his efforts and he was confident he knew what Daedalus would choose but when Daedalus spoke Hades was puzzled by the decision but he nonetheless agreed.
He blinked away the hazy image in his eyes and walked to the fresh grass he could smell, he felt the soothing softness it seemed to have. Before he awoke he had the strangest dream, it was about the underworld and Hades, he thought how strange his whole dream seemed , how real. Seeing a small pond in the endless fields of grass, he felt like he had to go to it, he did. Closing his eyes and putting his hands into the water he splashed away his bad dream along with the strange sensation he was having. He opened his eyes and stared into the water for a long time, it wasn’t a dream.

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