The Death Of Dr. Chillingworth Essay

The Death Of Dr. Chillingworth Essay

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While Dimmesdale was being interrogated verbally but mentally as well by the malevolent physician Roger Chillingworth. The physician was becoming very aggravated by the pastor’s replies and therefore left. Dimmesdale looked out of the window and saw Chillingworth standing at the same location as Pearl, the devil spawn. Chillingworth left something on the grave then proceeded to his room. The ailing pastor forced his failing body to walk to the grave. Once he approached the gloomy monument and he noticed that what Chillingworth left was not of his, but it was Dimmesdale’s bible. The ill pastor examined the holy scripture and one the cover he noticed the A on “Catholic Bible” was circled with a bloody red marker. The pastor glanced around and tucked the Bible under his arm and returned to bed.
As Mr. Dimmesdale was awakening from his slumber, he noticed a shadowy figure near the Bible from which he obtained last night. The pastor desperately grabbed his crucifix and pointed the holy cross towards the object. The object turned out to be Hester Prynne glancing at the A on the Bible. “Where did you get it pastor.” Said the mistress.
“Chillingworth, he left it upon the ghastly grave of Isaac Johnson.”
Hester stared into the pastor’s eyes deeply and he described it as if he had seen the Holy Trinity.
Chillingworth snuck into Dimmesdale’s room like a snake during the night. “What are thou doing here?” The frightened pastor looked at the menacing face of the physician, then Chillingworth quickly forced his hands upon the throat of the pastor and obstructed his breathing. The sick pastor eventually fell into an unconscious state. The physician heard people approaching them, then he quickly slit the jugular vein and carved an A into the bod...

... middle of paper ... the pale face of Governor Bellingham. She collapsed to the ground and said “Don’t tell the little demon for I fear she will become like me.”
“Who is the father of thy child,” said the poor conditioned physician.
“Although I’m going to die, I will die for the confidentiality of my lover,” Hester said with a sardonic face.
Hester’s eyes rolled to the back of her eyes as she fell into an unconscious pit of death. Chillingworth desperately try to resuscitate the motionless body. Chillingworth fell into a state of depression and when he returned him to his lab he decided ingest a cyanide pill. The physician held his chest as he felt his heart rate getting slower by the second when eventually hit corpse slumped over his desk. Through all these deaths, Pearl was seceded from society by without her mother and was never seen again.
To this day, Pearl’s father is unknown.

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