The Death Of Death - Original Writing Essay

The Death Of Death - Original Writing Essay

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When growing up I always had plenty of deaths in the family. I was never able to understand how a person, especially a child could experience 3-6 deaths a year. My heart was broken, eyes swollen, and emotionally unstable at the time. The truth be told I did not realize what to resolve with myself, besides lock in my emotions and fake they weren’t there. As a young man, I was taught not to show fear, tears, but only happiness. One day a remarkable shock hit me when I received a call about my grandfather’s death. I pretended that the facts lied, my grandfather was really much alive and will always be. After the horrible incident, I closed down from people, because of that my past relationship never worked out due to me not opening up. This reminds me of Willy since he pretends the truth isn’t real, causing him to live in a false reality. While living in his fantasy Willy’s illusions of himself, job, and sons, become his downfall.
When Willy goes through illusions of himself doing great it causes him to think of himself greatly, though his life is corrupted. While traveling all the time for work, Biff asked his father if some time may he attend? Willy’s response was “when I bring you, fellas it will be open sesame, I am well liked, and can park anywhere since cops protect it like their own” (Article 1, page. 31). Obviously, the cops in the city wouldn’t protect his car in the same way as, their own, but it symbolizes how well-liked Willy believes he is. The second example that followed with him imagining being endeared is “Willy Loman is here! After hearing that I go straight through” (Article 1, page.33). Willy isn’t the only person who has himself thinking he is a well-off person, as Linda helps him believe this too.
When reminis...

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...antasies he realized “who said I was ever a salesman for Oliver?” (Article 2, page. 106).
The novel Death of A Salesman was concerning a salesman of 40 years named Willy who was fond over his illusions in life and allowed it to affect his reality. His character shows how determined he was on believing his sons and the Loman family, in general, was special. One of Willy’s main points for his sons was being well-liked, that solved everything in life. An example of this is when Biff walked into the room to ask Willy for help with a teacher, and when talking about a joke he said all Willy wanted to know did the class laugh. When fantasizing about being special so much he was never really able to move on and have a healthy relationship with his children, but more importantly himself. That’s why when Willy lived in his illusions himself, job, and sons become his downfall.

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