The Death Of An Elderly Woman Essay

The Death Of An Elderly Woman Essay

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Animals have played an enormous part of my life, they offered me an escape from a sour childhood, and without them, I would not be me. I was a lonely kid all though my childhood, no friends -did not want any-, no love interests -mother would not allow-, and bullies -mostly mental but a few physical-, few people actual seemed to love me other than family, even then they were not home to give love. After going through years of torture, an elderly woman from a couple of blocks over was giving away kittens, of course, I wanted one and shortly got one, named it Kitty; she was always there for me ready to show me love, something I did not have at the time, during particularly rough or stressful days and I loved her to death. Kitty died about six year ago, shortly after I rescued a dog from the side of a road who seemed to be in a lot of trouble, took him to a veterinarian and shortly took him home in good health, called him Max; he showed affection and a happy demeanor towards me, much like Kitty, for rescuing him. Max’s previous owners threw him out with no care about whether he lived or died, only that they no longer had to deal with him. Humans have rights to prevent exploitation, among others, from other humans; I wondered if animals had similar rights to humans so they can live without exploitation or even if they needed rights at all to help them when they exist for exploitation from human for their personal benefit. After some thought, and a few weeks, I realized animals do not need or have rights; animals are no were near humans in terms of consciousness, most animals do not even recognize themselves in mirrors, why should they get rights then. I am personally against animal rights.
Humans have their Human Rights no matt...

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... a human would be noticeably deferment from a real human because of the machines lack the ability of speech, thus could not be rational because only beings with a soul are rational. Humans are able to complex behaviors because they are able to use reasoning and information from the world around them to make an action, unlike animals who could only make their actions from outside stimuli into simple responses and irrational decisions. Descartes even makes a note on animals who can talk with the example of parrots, they are able to talk but unable to make actual speech, all parrots know is if they make this sound, a reward or given what they need to survive; they lack true language skills and do not have a soul. Both complex behavior and speech skills are required to make a being with a soul and mind, not just the ability to talk along with basic behavior skills.

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